What's the best Mean Girls quote?

Brunch time

Got a case of the munchies? Get your fix with a morning filled with brunchies. Discover why brunch is the best weekend pastime with 16 local joints and their delectable specialties.

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Indie-rock band Clockwork crosses The Bridge

They might not have gelled hair or choreography, but watch out One Direction and 5 Seconds to Summer ­— Missouri’s got its own version of boy band.

Ashley Hall creates eye-catching jewelry out of leftover odds and ends

Earrings, necklaces and other accessories are put together using scraps of old dresses, pastel shavings, broken jewelry, painted elements and metalwork. Each is a testament to Hall’s attitude toward the odds and ends that others often overlook.

Q&A: Vincent Su

Vincent Su is vice president of Kappa Pi Beta, MU's first Asian-interest fraternity. He hopes that Kappa Pi Beta can give its members the necessary platform to combat stereotypes associated with both Asian-Americans and Greek organizations.

Hula with MU Hoop Groop

Remember the friends who swirled their waists in rhythmic rotations while you stood in awe of the number of times a plastic hoop spun around? Well, they’re not kids anymore. The amateur hoopers have traded neighborhood barbecues for sweltering music festivals.

May's top album releases

This May, big names in country and alternative music drop their latest records. From Hunter Hayes to Coldplay, there's something for everyone.