About Vox

Vox began in the spring of 1998 when the Columbia Missourian merged its two weeklies, Weekend, an entertainment magazine, and Ideas, the Sunday magazine. Since its inception, Vox has aimed to be a print version of that really cool friend of yours, the one who always knows what's going on, can provide an intelligent viewpoint on any number of subjects, has a way with words that's a combination between being snarky and knowing something, and is fun to hang with. Our lofty goals are outlined in our mission statement below.

The magazine is published by the Columbia Missourian and produced by magazine students at the world's oldest (and we'd like to think best) journalism school. Don't worry, it's much more than some college newspaper. And we have faculty supervise us. Really. The magazine has won numerous awards, including the prestigious General Excellence award given by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications. In other words, Vox was named the best magazine produced by college students in the whole darn country. We also believe it is the only weekly magazine in the country produced by a staff that totally changes three times a year. Some think this is a challenge. We like to see it as a good thing -- we never get stale or boring.

Mission Statement

Vox blends Columbia’s urban mentality and hometown familiarity into a smart, small-city tabloid. We profile the human condition, expose local culture and provide reviews, tips and trends that tell our readers what’s happening and where to be. Every week we keep an ear to the underground and an eye out for the unique to bring you an analysis and reflection of contemporary issues. Vox is something new, something useful, something provocative.

Where to find Vox around Columbia

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If you want us to drop Vox off at your place, either on a counter or in a rack, we can do that. Contact circulation manager Bruce Moore at 573-882-5742 or email him at