VOX Community Guidelines

So you’ve just read the smart, fun and illuminating content of Vox online, and you want to make a comment. We welcome and anticipate your remarks, but before you tell Vox how great we are, we need a few things from you. First, check out our full policy. You’ve got to register and all that jazz. Then, review the community guidelines, which are listed below. We want to build a community of discussion, education and good-natured quips, and in order to do that, we’ve got to have, let’s hear it, rules.

1. You are responsible for what you say. Don’t be stupid. Don’t be rude. And be honest.

2. This is a conversation, not a bar fight. No yelling, attacking, hitting, harassing, cussing, spitting or other ludicrous behavior. You never know; your mother could be reading.

3. Respect the other people commenting. This is a public space, so try to leave it cleaner than you found it.

4. Comment on items in the appropriate place. If it’s not in the right place, no one will see it.

5. Keep comments on target and clear – Everyone can get on a tangent at times, but let’s keep it as local as we can.

6. Don’t post for someone else or use words that aren’t your own.

7. If you see something that violates the policy or the community rules, let us know.