If you’re bored this weekend, it will be your own fault…Columbia’s pulling out all the stops with a free Jason DeRülo concert on Rollins St., brutally honest comedian KT Tatara at the Vu, the longest-running musical The Fantasticks at Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre and more! Check out the Vox calendar for a complete listing of upcoming events.

On another note:
Ever wonder where the umlaut came from in the hip-hop artist’s name? After all, DeRülo is from Miami, not Germany. According to an exclusive interview with Hollyoaks Music Show, the 21-year-old changed the spelling of his real name, Desrouleaux, to make it easier for people to pronounce. Pretty smart, if you ask me- we already know how Missourians like to give French names a Missouri twist, like the town of Versailles, Missouri (pronounced fur-SAILS) or Gamaliel (pronounced go-MAIL-ya). Would have liked to hear what people would have done with Desrouleaux– Da-Rolex?

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