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The next time you stop into Teller’s the latest special just might be some new art. Co-owner Deb Rust says the art on the walls of the restaurant changes every month. This setup is mutually beneficial for both the restaurant and the artists whose work is on display; it’s a change of scenery and some exposure. “No matter what we find, there’s always something for someone,” Rust says. For the month of March, that something is photography from Stephen Bybee and Tony Irons.

Bybee’s work offers a nocturnal look at the city of Columbia. Black and white shots of landmarks like The Berg and quiet snowy nights during last year’s Snowpocalypse are a kind of peaceful reflection on the city we love.

Irons photography is similar in that it doesn’t feature people. Gear heads will definitely appreciate his work; planes and automobiles are the primary subjects.

The photos will be on display through the month of March.

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