Happy 100th birthday, Girl Scouts. For living off of courage, confidence, character and cookies, you are looking good. Here are some thoughts to get you through the next 100.

You were born on March 12, 1912. You’ve lived through the Titanic sinking, WWII and 9/11. Your baking has rarely faltered.

In your honor, the U.S. Postal Service is planning a Girl Scouts stamp for later in 2012. Now we can crave thin mints at the post office, too.

You have nearly 60 million women as alumnae. That’s a lot of tagalongs.

A century ago, Juliette Gordon Low organized the first Girl Scouts troop in Savannah, Ga. Eighteen girls came to the first meeting.

Hillary Clinton, Mariah Carey and Katie Couric are all do-si-do-ing in your circle of past members. Nicely done, Girl Scouts. Let’s make another cookie.

You have recently launched a $1 billion campaign for To Get Her There, a cause dedicated to women in leadership positions in society.

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