The giant mystery egg on Elm Street.

Anyone who has walked past Shakespeare’s  on Elm street in the last three days noticed the giant, cracking egg? It’s hard not to. I’ve wondered all week what it’s all about and I’ve finally found some answers.

What you need to know:

1. It’s a promotional campaign for a new app called nudj created by a marketing company, Momentum Worldwide. There is also a twitter handle, @nudjknows that is part of the campaign, but the feed tries to keep it ambiguous.

2. If you scan the QR code (the question mark) on the egg it will let you download the free app. With the app you will be “nudj’d.” Take that as you will.

3. The app gives you “deals” (hence the “What’s the deal” sign by the egg) or electronic coupons for wherever you are based on your mobile device’s location. The app claims that it is not a daily deal or another mobile coupon app. I was told it was one of it’s kind and it claims to have promotions that are happening RIGHT NOW! Currently for Columbia only 4 of the 11 categories actually have deals in them, but I’m told that there will be an update to the app soon that will fix some glitches. Do you think there will be more coupons then too?

4. It’s a penguin egg. Not sure why yet. Any guesses? When you download the app there is a penguin on it and there is a white tarp at the bottom that represents ice. While the men standing in front of the egg wouldn’t confirm this fact when I voiced this assumption they kept telling me how smart I was. “There are a lot of penguins in Columbia,” one of the men joked.

5. Saturday would be a good day to be around downtown. The egg cracks a little more each day. I asked when it was going to hatch and was told they didn’t know the incubation period. But when I guessed Friday they asked me if I’d be around Saturday. I said I’d be at the MU football game. But the men informed me that time before and after the game does exist…hint hint.

What else have you found out? Any guesses? Let us know in the comments and on Facebook and Twitter!


One Response to What the egg?

  1. Marc says:

    Uhh – one of a kind? Try last to the market when there have been at least two apps (better than this one) around for over two years in Columbia…


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