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Well, hello! Time flies, and this is my very last blog post at Vox. In two days I will be flying back home to Hong Kong and interning at a magazine over there. I thought before I leave, I should drop a few notes on how to be a successful intern. This does not only apply to the magazine/journalism industry, but simply all the interns out there. So if you’re interested in listening to me nag for one last time, read onnnn!

Tip #1
Know your editor! This is super important because even though he/she seems like a workaholic bossy machine to you, he/she is still a person at the end of the day. Know their hobbies and interests, try to hang out with them after work, it will benefit you immensely, trust me on that ;)

Tip #2
Be professional! Going out or having a drink with your colleagues doesn’t mean you can go all wild — especially when you’re still an intern. HIERARCHY, hello! You do NOT want to look hammered or act crazy in front of you bosses, right?

Tip #3
Be nice. I’m not only talking about your supervisors or co-workers here, but also the cleaning lady and the security guards. No one would want to work with you if they knew you could have that tendency to be disrespectful to anyone.

Tip #4
Be on time or early. Oh, so says I. This is really hard to do, but it’s one of the things you could do to impress your boss early on during your internship. If you could stay late and leave after you boss left, kudos to you! And believe me, they do notice that kind of stuff.

Tip #5
Always volunteer to do more. Initiative is something that all bosses look for, plus it sets you apart from your fellow interns! GOOD LUCK!


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