Due to the increased requests from many organizations include schools and businesses since the shootings in Newton, Conn., at Sandy Hook Elementary, Columbia police has put together two free training sessions on how to respond to armed and violent intruders.

The training won’t be physical so much as learning strategies: assessing your surroundings and learning how best to get out of different situations. It’s about decision making, reacting and planning.

In the Oct. 18, 2012, issue of Vox, we ran a feature called “Locked and Loaded” that looked at the gun culture in mid-Missouri. One of our stories was about the best ways to react in the face of an armed robber or intruder. Here are some of the tips.

Illustration by Kristina Houser

Illustration by Kristina Houser

Illustration by Kristina Houser

The first two planned sessions, set for Feb. 2, are designed for up to 80 people. You must register ahead of time to participate in the training courses.

When: Feb. 2, 9:30-11:30 a.m.; 1:30-3:30 p.m.

Where: Columbia Police Department Training Center, 5001 Meyer Industrial Drive

Cost: Free

Who: Contact Sgt. Joe Bernhard, Public Relations Unit

Call: 573-441-5470

Email: jkbernha@gocolumbiamo.com

For More Information: Visit the Columbia Police Department’s Facebook page

One Response to Columbia Police Department offers training in intruder response on Feb. 2

  1. Chelsea Yanochik says:

    I think this program will be a great thing for people to learn how to protect themselves in scary situations. Everyone should know how to react in a situation, such as break-in or a shooting. Bad things can happen at any, so therefore people should know how to react in certain situations. This way, maybe more lives can be saved.


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