Lime green tables, the perfect location for early morning film discussions. Photo by Ben Harms

Nobody seemed to know exactly why it’s called the “Weird Wake Up.”

Siân Melton, the Odd Fellows Lodge venue captain, says that it’s because it’s weird to wake up so early.

“It should be the ‘I’m exhausted’ wake up,” she says.

The Sunday morning breakfast for passholders began at 9:30 a.m. with a screening of The Institute. The fare was a mixture of provided food, including frittatas and fruit from Bleu, cinnamon rolls from U Knead Sweats and Kaldi’s True/False coffee blend.

Megan Mazzei, a True/False volunteer, thinks that the reason the wake up was “weird” was because the film showing after the breakfast, The Institute, is itself “kind of weird.”

Amber Rowson, a Lux passholder, agrees. She saw the film shown last year as well. “The movie’s always weird,” she says. “This one should be pretty trippy too.”

“For the Weird Wake Up, we always try to pick a film that feels a little weird,” says David Wilson. Speaking before the film, he says that The Institute would “mess with your sense of what is true and false.”

“Organ No. 2″ glows, breathes and is impossible to get a good photo of. Photo by Ben Harms

Also in at the wake up was Theresa Vishnevetskaya’s “Organ No. 2,” a 5-foot furry art installation concealing a playable organ. Apparently it was broken, and anyone who tried to play it was disappointed by its silence.

The breakfasters, all of whom had purchased at least the $175 Lux pass to attend, ate quickly at the lime green tables. They seemed more excited to find their seats in the adjoining theater.

Maybe they were drawn in by the looping melodies of Syna So Pro, who performed just before the screening. Her set was reminiscent of a cross between Enya and Reggie Watts. It was a dreamlike experience that perhaps could be described as “weird,” but in a good way.

What can go wrong with cinnamon rolls? Photo by Ben Harms.

The breakfast itself received good reviews however, and the cinnamon rolls from U Knead Sweets proved especially popular. The meal even received a shout out from Wilson and its own round of applause. So maybe the whole event was a little weird, but no one really cared.

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