The eternal debate of which pet is more loving — cats or dogs — can finally be put to rest. Cats might be fluffy and cute, but one thing is for sure: They don’t always return the affection their owners would hope for. Why? Because, according to a new study published in the Animal Cognition journal, they genuinely don’t care.

Cats seem to be all the rage lately with a Catdance Film Festival, an Internet Cat Video Festival and the emersion of Grumpy Cat onto the internet. But the reason behind this trend is a mystery because the study shows that cats choose to ignore you even though they can hear you.

Photo: Roger Goun/Flickr

Photo: Roger Goun/Flickr

Here are the basics of the study:

  • The researchers spent eight months studying 20 cats in their homes. The objective was to see how cats responded to their owners’ voices.
  • When the cats were able to hear a person speak, 30 percent of them moved their ears, and 50 to 70 percent of them turned their heads. Ten percent of the cats responded to being called either by moving their tails or meowing. These reactions are typical for when cats hear sounds.
  • This fact is for all the cat-lovers out there. Cats respond to anyone’s voice, but they tend to respond more to their owners.
  • It did not determine, however, why humans get so attached to cats when cats seem to be so indifferent.

So there you have it. Cats might not love people, but people still love their cats. Find out more about this growing cat craze here. Until then, happy holidays!

Photo: Neon Tommy/Flickr

Photo: Neon Tommy/Flickr

Or not.


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