A very appropriate selfie. Photo courtesy of Adam Rifkin

A very appropriate selfie. Photo courtesy of Adam Rifkin

Social media has created a whole new strain of narcissism. The unlimited space of the Internet has given rise to an infinite number of Instagram photos, Facebook pages and tweets dedicated to one subject: ourselves. The most visible manifestation? Selfies, of course. And as if to sanction this trend, the word was not only added to the dictionary, but it was crowned Word of the Year in 2013.

Sure, some of them are harmless. Throw on that Lo-Fi filter and celebrate your good hair day by shamelessly mugging for the camera — no problem. Even contributing to throwback Thursday (#tbt) so your followers can appreciate how adorable you were at age 6 is acceptable. Unfortunately, as with all good things, a few outliers seem determined to ruin it for the rest of us.

The most recent head-scratching incident was last week when one of the students injured during a stabbing at a Pennsylvania school shared a selfie from his hospital room featuring his bandaged arm. The fact that the idea crossed his mind would be more shocking if there weren’t already an established history of inappropriate selfies.

Last fall, Instagram users were moved to snap shots of themselves honoring the dearly departed. Yep, funeral selfies began popping up with hashtags you can only imagine. Thankfully this trend has died down, but a tumblr was created to curate some of them so they live on.

Other offenders might be less obvious at first, but their ideas of a good photo op are just as cringe-worthy. The more general tumblr, Selfies at Serious Places, features phone-wielding morons commemorating their visits to historical monuments and memorials with pictures of their faces. Actual examples include shots of the Vietnam Memorial and Anne Frank’s house. Some folks show a little restraint, however, and choose to snap photos of themselves around regular life events, such as someone else’s car accident, instead.

Still, none of these are quite the abomination that is this song, complete with hashtag. Enjoy!

And finally, if you’re looking for your own examples of inappropriate selfies, check out this rapid-fire feed of Instagram posts with the selfie hashtag.

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2 Responses to The unfortunately large world of inappropriate selfies

  1. Jc says:

    Yep! I do take inappropriate selfie sometimes. It’s weird. But… I don’t know. I find it also fun. (Not at all times, of course.) :)

  2. Kendyl says:

    While I definitely agree that some selfies are completely inappropriate, some feminists are embracing the “Selfie Revolution” to combat the idea that women shouldn’t consider themselves beautiful.


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