Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Did anyone watch all 16 televised hours of the 2014 NFL draft? OK, maybe some people did, but did anyone then take the time to frantically search Twitter and every available sports website to see if your favorite player was picked up as an undrafted free agent? If you were busy living your life last Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening and/or are only interested in the high points, never fear — we have the breakdown you want.

First, enjoy an at-a-glance version for your convenience.


  • Kony Ealy: 60th overall pick, Carolina Panthers
  • Justin Britt: 64th overall pick, Seattle Seahawks
  • E.J. Gaines: 188th overall pick, St. Louis Rams
  • Michael Sam: 249th overall pick, St. Louis Rams


  • Marcus Lucas: Carolina Panthers
  • L’Damian Washington: Dallas Cowboys
  • James Franklin: Detroit Lions
  • Henry Josey: Philadelphia Eagles
  • Eric Waters: Pittsburgh Steelers

And now, here’s the recap you can’t get anywhere else: NFL draft coverage, VoxTalk awards version.

Funniest moment

Did we make Johnny Manziel cry when we beat A&M last fall? Nobody can confirm, but if Johnny Football himself does indeed shed tears, it’s more likely that he did during the seemingly endless first round of the draft. The player everyone loves to hate was the 22nd choice despite many mock drafts predicted an earlier pick. And, of course, there was a hashtag to celebrate. #BeforeManzielGetsDrafted, he might get a serving of humble pie.

Most heartwarming

Michael Sam is easy to root for. After coming out earlier this year, he became well-known nationwide, but his draft prospects were unclear. And, of course, some speculated that his sexuality might affect his opportunities — an ugly possibility that weighed more heavily on people’s minds as the rounds came and went. But then, with one of the latest picks, the Rams drafted Sam and garnered this reaction, which went viral.

Biggest surprise

James Franklin being signed to the Lions after missing games in his final two seasons because of injuries. Who knew?

Fan favorite

MU fans missed Henry Josey in 2012 when he was out with a major knee injury, but he definitely made his comeback this year and capped it off by signing with the Eagles.

Biggest MU success

Kony Ealy, our highest pick, despite not being chosen in the first round as some predicted.

What next?

Just over 100 days until the Tigers return to Faurot Field for the 2014 season!

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