No matter where you end up this summer — on a beach, in a car, or your bedroom nook — a good book goes a long way. Now, if you’re anything like me, choosing a novel feels like a lifetime exercise in indecisiveness. I myself am currently reading about five books simultaneously. Commitment has never been a strong suit. To make sure none of you end up with the same fate, these blogs will help guide you toward the best reads.

Go Book Yourself 

Taking the guesswork out of choosing, Go Book Yourself selects one book that you have to read and highlights four others books that are also worth downloading. Let’s be honest, no one physically buys anymore. The blog covers Youth Adult selections as well as more cerebral choices, such as Cormac McCarthy.

Pretty Books

Apparently, there are people who love to take their work home … to tumble. A woman who is in publishing and eats, sleeps and breathes books runs Pretty Books. More than a space for recommendations, the posts range from book porn to book reviews. The best part: they’re spoiler free.

Book Recommendations 

Relatively new to the blogosphere, Book Recommendations offers slim pickin’s, but the concept is too interesting not to include. The blog is basically run for literary nerds by literary nerds. Anyone is free to submit his or her recommendation of what book should be on everyone’s radar.

Talk Back:

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