By Feifei Lei and Aloysius Boh

Congratulations to the Class of 2014! Below are some Vine clips from Friday’s sendoff.

Seniors cross through the historic columns of Mizzou.

Stephen Cobb, Kristen Sterns and Nathan Smith share their thoughts.

Jaqailah Bell, Erica Clark and Jamie Crockett share their excitement.

Michael Shanley talks about his feelings.

Ellen Gude and Maria Farretti give their “whimsical” gratitude to Mizzou.

Megan Johnson, Taylor Beck and Julia Manning have their own style.

Yicheng Liu shares her thoughts.

Darion Jordan and Keisha Greene are delighted about graduation.

Taylor Lawson talks about her mixed feelings.

Christina Adams shares her ambition.

Steven Boraas, Courtney Everts, Katherine Wido and John Knaus talk about their love for Mizzou.

We love Truman. We love Mizzou.

Here’s the recap on what’s going on in social media.

(Photo on the homepage: Feifei Lei)

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