May is an exciting month for many reasons: Justin Timberlake’s end-of-April meme, Star Wars Day (May the fourth be with you…) and a holiday that’s (for non-Hispanics) essentially centered around tequila. But the most delectable reason to love May is because it’s National Hamburger Month. Columbia has plenty of local places to celebrate the occasion, but at the same time, there are some beefy indulgences simply missing. To commemorate the month of burgers, see what deliciousness you can devour how and what ones you might have to wait for until next year.

Here: Booches


It’s sad to think that some college students don’t even know this place exists (or maybe my friends just live under rocks). But with a location in the heart of the downtown area and burgers as good and greasy as theirs, Booches won’t be forgotten once you know about it. The size of the burgers makes it easy to chow down on two or three in one sitting. You might need to loosen your belt as you leave, but your stomach won’t be mad about it.

Missing: In-N-Out 

Although it would be awesome to wish for a Good Burger, unfortunately Kenan & Kel have bigger burgers to grill. So perhaps the next best thing would be In-N-Out. Considering this is a mainly West Coast-based chain, it’s probably wishful thinking to ever believe one would pop up in mid-Missouri. But the special sauce on their burgers is so addictive, it’s hard not to wish for one of the locations to be here in Columbia.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Here: Flat Branch Pub & Brewing

Three letters describe the Flat Branch burger: O.M.G. The restaurant offers a variety of yummy burgers, but the self-titled one takes the cake. Topped with a mouthwatering mash of cheese and artichokes (which they call “chokes and cheese”), it’s hard to believe this burger is real. Thankfully for Columbians, it is totally real, and oh so worth the hundreds — maybe thousands — of calories it probably contains.

Missing: Whataburger

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Honestly, I didn’t even know about this gem until experiencing it on spring break this year. But all it took was one bite to convince me that Columbia needs a Whataburger. Not only is it packed on a bun with mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and diced onions, but it’s nearly as big as your face — for the same price of a typical fast food burger. How can Columbia deny its residents of such a luxury?

Here: Campus Bar & Grill

Now, these burgers might not be the most amazing things you’ve ever tasted, but every Sunday they’re only $1. How does that not make your mouth water? The more frugal crowd can celebrate National Burger Month in a cheap way every Sunday this month. Each fixing has its own price as well, so you might pay a little more than $1 depending on how fancy you get. But, you’re likely to spend no more than $2.50, which has a Big Mac beat.

Missing: Burger Jones

Ever dreamt of having cheese curds or gruyere cheese on your burger? If CoMo had a Burger Jones, that dream could become reality. BJ’s burgs are not just unusual; they are as delicious as you could ever imagine. Perhaps the only reason this one isn’t around is so Booches or Flat Branch don’t have to deal with any more tough competition. Or maybe it’s because there’s only two locations, both of which are in Minnesota. Who knows, some Columbia resident could become a millionaire opening up a Missouri location. Just an idea ….

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What are your favorite burger spots in Columbia? Which ones do you wish were here?

(Photo on the homepage: Wikimedia Commons)

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