The lost weekend
The trash on East Campus is chattier than Oscar the Grouch.
Ninth Street's homeless people live as neighbors to privilege
For one resident, people who are homeless are a staple of his walk home.
The 3 postures of studying, described in detail
Student X has left the library. Student X has been saved.
Insights into coffee addiction at Starbucks
Get your Starbucks gold cards ready.
Despite the noise, coffee shops are popular get-work-done destinations
Coffee shops are noisy and, usually, rather expensive. Why, then, do people flock there to get work done?
Strange phone conversations in the sales department
When’s the last time someone asked you to wear a diaper?
Derby Dames full of moxie at Jefferson City's Sk8 Zone
What happens when a figure skater goes to the roller derby?
People-watching in New York City offers insight into another way of life
Different eras collide as our NYC correspondent sits and watches.
The benefits of being a "chubby chaser"
Sometimes you just want a teddy bear.
Paint the Town combines drinking and painting for a fun night out
To paraphrase Hemingway, "Paint drunk; no editing necessary."
Navigating the bartenders of New York City bars
Three words: expect the unexpected.
Broadway Diner is a different place in the early morning hours
That might not be coffee in the pot. You've been warned.
Rock Bottom Comics to give free comics May 3
Last year, more than 40 people showed up on the day the store was giving out free comics.
Scene & Heard: Gender politics in a True/False Q
T/F might be over, but some issues just won't end. What happens when you combine waiting in line, a couple and a cross-dressing Q queen?

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