Andrea Goodwin, 20
Puppy love | Volunteer, Columbia Second Chance

On a Saturday afternoon in January, Petco became the scene for Andrea Goodwin’s proudest moment. As a volunteer for Columbia Second Chance, she had found a woman willing to adopt Susie, her first foster dog. She greeted the bittersweet separation with the same optimism she bears when any of her dogs are adopted. “Sometimes it’s difficult,” Goodwin says. “You have to be happy for them. They’ve had a hard life, and they get a second chance to live with someone who loves them.” This is Columbia Second Chance’s mission: to find good homes for cats and dogs throughout mid-Missouri.

Susie was the first of more than a half dozen dogs that Goodwin has fostered. A junior studying equestrian business management at Stephens College, Goodwin moved into Searcy Hall because she was allowed to have a pet, something she couldn’t do when she was growing up with her mother and sister in an apartment in Parkville, Miss. She is allowed only one dog in her dorm, and as soon as one former stray finds a permanent home, she replaces it with another. Now, she can’t wait until she moves into a bigger place and can care for more animals.

In addition to looking after her current charge, a shepherd-terrier mutt named Peggy, Goodwin is an ardent volunteer. She spends her Saturday afternoons at Columbia Second Chance’s adoption center, trying to find homes for more animals, and she helped lead a successful parade of adoptable pets during Columbia Second Chance’s “Paws in the Park” event in Stephens Lake Park in September. “The best part is knowing that something I enjoy doing can help other people and help animals,” Goodwin says.