published by

Vox Magazine


Student Veterans is a multimedia project reported and produced by University of Missouri Journalism School students in the magazine, photojournalism, print and digital news and convergence areas. Interviews of MU military veterans were done by Vox Magazine staff reporters who partnered with photographers for the visual storytelling.

Reporting and audio interviews:
Kayla Alewel, David Cawthon, Ryan Cornell, Amanda Harrison, Ted Hart, Jon Hadusek, Rachel Krause, Nicole Oran, Jessica Perkins, Shea Roll and Samantha Sonderen

Mallory Benedict, Nick Schnelle

Zoey Larsen, Dalene Rovenstine

Photo editing:
Andrew Williams

Audio and Video Editing:
Deron Dalton, Ileana Llorens, Tim Rice

Multimedia Design:
Kristin Kellogg

Brian Kratzer, Rhonda Prast, Rob Weir