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May 14, 2009 | 12:00 a.m. CST

Like but with a Trivial Pursuit spin, contains more than 1,350 quizzes with varying time limits that include topics as specific as naming the von Trapp family children from The Sound of Music, Disney villains or European capitals. Founder Matt Ramme, 33, says Sporcle is inspired by the word “oracle,” a wise person or someone who can speak to a deity.
Tanner Tucker, a junior at MU, plays Sporcle during his downtime. “It seems like everyone is hooked the second they try it,” he says. As the director of MU’s STRIPES, a volunteer organization that prevents drunk driving by offering rides to students, Tucker says Sporcle is a regular activity at the program’s headquarters. “It can engage even the shyest of individuals,” he says.
Ramme says he and colleague Derek Pharr verify information through the Internet, books, atlases or sources at the library. “If the data is ambiguous, we try to actually put a source on the game,” he says. Ramme created the site two years ago as a learning tool. He and his wife consider themselves crossword and Jeopardy junkies. “She would get most of the literature answers,” he says. “I wanted to hold my own weight.”
Ramme’s site provides endless entertainment. “ is probably one of the best time wasters I have ever stumbled across,” Tucker says.

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