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Caught with your pants down

Dialogue on Columbia Transit Bus

Missourian Archive Photo

April 8, 2010 | 12:00 a.m. CST

“Why do all these kids wear their pants down around their thighs?” the bus driver, Nancy, asks to no one in particular while on Columbia’s 103 East bus.
As Nelson Logan gets on the bus and pays his fare, he says, “They think they’re cool.”
“It’s stupid,” she replies.
“I got this friend who was drinking at a party, and he was getting pretty drunk,” Logan continues. “Well, the cops showed up and busted the place. He knew he was going to blow numbers, so as soon as he blew, he ran off. But he couldn’t get away ’cause his pants were falling down. The cops got him and took him to the joint.”
“Did they drag him by his pant leg?” the bus driver jokes, then she turns serious. “I saw a kid at the bus station yesterday who had his pants down low and his undershorts down low, and he had his hand underneath the front of his shirt. He wasn’t holding his shorts at all. He was holding something else, and he didn’t care who saw it.”
Logan says: “It’s disrespectful to women and everybody else. I got seven kids. No, I got six kids — five boys and one girl. Out of all the boys in my family, there’s only one that doesn’t wear them like that, and he’s lying in rehab.”
“What’s he rehabilitating?” the bus driver asks him.
“He was in a car accident last week. Saturday is his 19th birthday.”

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