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Drink Up

Here's to the delights and dangers of alcohol

October 21, 2010 | 12:00 a.m. CST

The Drinking Issue

Inside the issue

Drink it all in
The pleasures and perils of drinking in Columbia

Drinking in Columbia
Here's to the dangers and delights of alcohol

Booze backlash and benefits
The downfalls of bingeing and alcohol’s positive effects on the body

The language of liquor
Dictionary of drinking defines the boozing culture

Local home brewers aspire to brand their own beer
Two enterprising Columbians thirst to make their homemade brewskis a business

SLIDE SHOW: A night out
Go inside Columbia's bar scene

The consequences of drinking
Alcohol can lead to a night in the ER

Everybody in the club getting carded
Why using a fake ID in Columbia isn't the best idea

Plus:How to spot fake IDs

SLIDE SHOW: Late-night downtown duty with Officer Kelley
Follow Columbia Police Officer Kelley on his bar duty

Counting drinks

The numbers on alcohol, sex, driving, local brews and Missouri wines

VIDEO: Behind the scenes with STRIPES
A night inside the STRIPES office

Vox Asks Columbians
What is your most notable experience with alcohol?
Plus: If you created a drink, what would it be?

A taste of the high life
Where well-heeled locals go for a night on the town

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