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Tolton coach teaches touchdowns and teamwork

Chad Masters looks beyond the field

Zac Boesch

Tolton’s coach Chad Masters addresses his players. He says they play for God, team and community, in that order.

October 25, 2012 | 12:00 a.m. CST

He was thinking too much. Or maybe not enough. Whatever the cause, the young Father Tolton Catholic High School lineman wasn’t quite getting the technique. So head coach Chad Masters lined up, got low and did it himself. This is how you take on a blocker, young man. Watch and learn.

Throwing himself into the middle of the action comes naturally for Masters. As a player at Rock Bridge High School in the early ’90s, he had to fight just to be average. “I would come every day and work as hard as I possibly could,” Masters says. “Whether it was in the weight room or on the field, I was a team guy.”

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His all-in mentality extends to his current role at Tolton. Because he took on a football program comprised entirely of underclassmen, his direct involvement is even more important. Seniors traditionally provide much of the leadership, but Tolton has none. Not only did Masters have to teach the Trailblazers how to play, but he also had to show them how to be good teammates.

For some coaches, Masters says, teaching leadership to such an extent is a daunting task. To him, it was a welcome opportunity and a chance to mold young Christian men. Creating good football players is important, he says, but so is producing good husbands and fathers. Success for Masters means his influence will last beyond his days as a coach.

A priest once told him that a calling was when the gladness of your soul meets the needs of the world. “I felt that this place needed me, and I needed to be here,” Masters says. “I want to be able to build a championship-caliber program right here on these fields in this part of this community because this is my hometown.”

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