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See This: FIDLAR

Snotty rock upstart FIDLAR brings its riot-rousing live show to CoMo

Photo by Owen Richards, courtesy of Tell All Your Friends PR

Elvis Kuehn, Max Kuehn, Brandon Schwartzel and Zac Carper are the members of FIDLAR. Call them a party band. Or don’t.They couldn’t care less.

November 8, 2012 | 12:00 a.m. CST

California punk band FIDLAR is named after an acronym for “F- - - it dog, life’s a risk” — the YOLO (“You only live once”) of skater lingo.

The garage-punk quartet, featuring brothers Elvis and Max Kuehn along with Zac Carper and Brandon Schwartzel, grew up on half pipes and Blink-182 and started a band that combined both.


Where: Mojo's
When: Wednesday, 9 p.m.
Cost: $7
Call: 875-0588

They set up their first show at Culver City Skate Park. Kids stopped by for their punk fix as the band members blasted music through growling amps. That was 2010. The band has since signed with Mom + Pop Music, recorded its forthcoming self-titled debut album and toured with The Hives. And it all started with that impromptu jam session at the skate park.

Carper says FIDLAR’s gigs “usually get kinda kooky,” especially when it’s the headlining act. A riot broke out at one of its Los Angeles shows. The police intervened. The band’s show at Mojo’s on Nov. 14 takes FIDLAR from Cali to Columbia for the first time.

Mojo’s General Manager Josh Bowles thinks FIDLAR will attract a responsive crowd. “It’s party music, and people in Columbia love to party,” Bowles says. “Music that has that same kind of energy seems to do well here.”

FIDLAR loves to party, too. But the band members see their music as more than a party mix (though they will be selling personalized FIDLAR beer koozies at the show).

“The album shows a lot of different sides of us,” Carper says. “We have this image that I feel like portrays punk rock — loud aggressive music. But we also have some slow songs.”

The album’s tracks vary in pace and tone. Although FIDLAR fans fist pump and scream the lyrics of “Cheap Beer” (“I drink cheap beer, so what!”), songs like “Oh” sound like an aggressive Modest Mouse. Carper says many of the group’s influences come from rock bands such as Nirvana, Pixies and The Replacements.

Carper told in October, “Everybody’s going to be like, ‘Oh, there’s that party band.’ But if you listen to the lyrics, they’re f-----g dark.” But Carper doesn’t seem concerned about the band’s reception.

“We’re easy,” Carper says. “The bottom line is we don’t really care. We just do whatever we want."

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