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Pin like a man is the more testosterone-friendly social media website

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January 10, 2013 | 12:00 a.m. CST

Manners and social courtesy can be a drag. Tucked-in shirts, making small talk about the weather and being forced to wear pants strips men of their true animal nature. provides an opportunity to let you man flag fly.

Like Pinterest, allows users to nail images to a personal workbench for others to see. Browse the fashion section for photos of Frank Sinatra and custom suits. Or maybe the food section, where you'll have a hard time finding anything under 1,000 calories, is more your style.

Among the photos of guns and flag-waving patriotism are other interesting categories. The music page is full of rock gods, the geek portion of the site has action photos of classic comic book characters and the manly things section is packed with pics of half-naked women, beer and random gadgets.

Manteresting is just as much a social website as its is an overindulgence in personal masculinity. Visitors can re-nail images or subscribe to others' workbenches to become fans of their digital man-caves. the Manteresting team is working to connect with other social networking sites.

Women can keep Pinterest to plan weddings, drool over Channing Tatum or whatever it is they do. Men now have a manly, content-sharing site to call their own. So break out the jackhammers and sports jerseys, and leave the win coolers at home while you explore everything it means to be a man.

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