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In the Studio: Sarah Goodnow

Sarah Goodnow's source of inspiration is just a few steps away

February 7, 2013 | 12:00 a.m. CST

A small room bathed in natural light is Sarah Goodnow’s escape from the world. This spare bedroom is where she creates her intricate pen-and-ink drawings. Goodnow’s nature-inspired sketches, sometimes filled with watercolors, have been on display at Ragtag Cinema for the past month. The artist says she enjoys spending time in her studio because of the miniscule commute. Her studio is just steps away from any other room in her home. Surprisingly uncluttered, the workspace is stocked full of items.

1) Vintage Typewriter Goodnow says her drawings have a narrative quality to them because she aspires to be a book illustrator. Sometimes as she’s sketching, she types a few lines about the picture on her powder-blue Smith-Corona typewriter. Goodnow loves the sound made by the machine, which she received as a gift from her sister.

2) Wood-burned Art Resting on the bright windowsill beneath yellow curtains are two round slabs of wood with tree bark edges. Each circle depicts a scene of a homestead burnt into the woodgrain by Goodnow’s father, who gave her the artwork before he died in 1994. She remembers the burnings from her early childhood.

3) Glass Pen Hanging between the two windows in the room is a colorful glass pen that Goodnow’s fiancé gave her after he traveled to Italy. When the sunlight hits the pen, it casts vibrant colors throughout the room. To make her drawings, she uses the pointed tip of the rainbow-colored instrument and a freestanding inkwell.

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