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Radar: What we're talking about this week

Photo courtesy of True/False Film Festival

February 28, 2013 | 12:00 a.m. CST

1. True/False at home

Columbia is buzzing about the arrival of the True/False Film Fest. But what if you can’t go or you have the flu? Or what if you are afraid of crowds? VoxTalk has you covered with a list of 10 documentaries from the past nine years of the fest that you can watch at home.
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2. Movie reviews

We are reviewing each doc shown at T/F — except the secret screenings, of course. It’s a crazy undertaking, but we don’t want you to miss out on anything this fest, whether you’re in the audience or not.
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3. Buskers galore

We know, we know. The weekend is about docs. But the buskers have a special place in our heart, too. Vox will be at each music event in case you choose sleep instead of a concert.
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4. Vox street team

Our street team will be out on the town this weekend. Keep an eye out for us, and you might end up featured on our blog. Oh, and high fives are always appreciated.
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5. Movie-watching courtesy

If it’s your first T/F experience or you forgot how to behave in public, we discuss some of the movie-viewing no-no’s and yeahyeahs. You’ll thank us when the jerk in front of you remembers to take off the hat before the film starts.
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