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Vox Sessions: Stepdaughter

Stepdaughter performs in the newsroom

May 16, 2013 | 12:00 a.m. CST

Sweet vocal harmonies and percussive strumming on acoustic guitars filled the Vox newsroom May 2 when Stepdaughter played a short set for our editorial staff. The duo composed of Ryan Schulze and Lawrence Williams are the latest local group highlighted on our online video concert series, Vox Sessions.

Although Schulze and Williams became dorm friends in 2009, Stepdaughter is a relatively new project. Williams says they’ve played occasionally and informally over the course of their friendship but didn’t have their first show as a band until opening for Curtain Co. on March 16 at Mojo’s.

Being friends before music collaborators shows in the band’s music. It’s an egalitarian duo. Both members sing, both members play nylon-string acoustic guitars, and both members write music. And the music is good.The songs are sweet, melodious tunes for jovial summer nights. They sound like The Dodos without the drums or Simon & Garfunkel without the Garfunkel but adding another Paul Simon.

Watch it here and on our iPad edition.

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