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See This: John Batdorf at the Phoenix Programs

Batdorf performs from his new album Soundtrax 2 Recovery

Photo courtesy of Vicki Leighty

October 17, 2013 | 12:00 a.m. CST

Phoenix Programs, Inc., an alcohol and substance abuse treatment center in Columbia, isn’t exactly Radio City Music Hall. But this matters little to John Batdorf, whose newest album, Soundtrax 2 Recovery, is intended to aid those in the recovery process.

The reason for the unorthodox venue is a noble one. Batdorf and his musical partner Michael McLean are performing at Phoenix because the attendees are their target demographic: people struggling with their addictions, who are looking for an encouraging voice to help them through it.

Where: Phoenix Programs, Inc.
When: Friday, noon
Cost: $10 suggested donation
Call: 573-875-8880

When people suffering from substance abuse enter treatment programs, it’s difficult to find music that isn’t associated with using, says Heather Harlan, a certified reciprocal prevention specialist. Batdorf’s music serves as a kind of antidote to the music that might act as a trigger of old habits.

Although he’s never suffered from addiction, Batdorf has been in the music industry long enough to witness more than one tragic story of substance abuse.

When Batdorf last performed at Phoenix Programs, his honest and relatable lyrics brought grown men to tears, Harlan recalls. “It is a tool that may help people get through a time of despair,” Batdorf says. “It’s not a preachy album. It’s not a religious album. It’s just a real life album.”

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