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Quiz: What type of film festival fanatic are you?

This five question quiz will determine if you're the die-harder, the documenter, the interrogator or the partier of the film fest

Jessie Lueck

February 27, 2014 | 12:00 a.m. CST

1 How many times have you been to True/False?

A. Every year; wouldn’t miss it for the world
B. This is my first year. It’s so popular I had to check it out
C. A couple of years. I go when I can and always enjoy myself, but I don’t make it a top priority
D. I don’t remember. The years are a bit hazy

2 Where could we find you throughout the festival weekend?

A. Running around so I can attend as many films as possible
B. Where the crowds are; following all the high-profile events
C. Showing up early to the venues so I can get a killer spot
D. At the bars with the best drink specials

3 What excites you most about the festival?

A. The films, obviously
B. The amazing pictures I’ll take and the “Likes” they’ll get
C. The insight I’ll gain on the films and the directors’ thought processes
D. The outrageous parties I’ll attend

4 What are your festival essentials?

A. An inflatable seat donut and some comfortable clothes
B. My iPhone
C. A notebook and pen for note-taking
D. Cab fare and a flask

5 If you could change one thing about the festival, what would it be?

A. I’d make it longer. A week is really necessary.
B. The fact that you’re in dark theaters most of the time. People get annoyed by my camera flash.
C. More one-on-one time with the directors; they all seem to believe in taking turns with questions.
D. More parties. We need to celebrate the films!

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