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Columbia bands try to get stuck in your head

What these homegrown tunes sound like and where you can get them

March 20, 2014 | 12:00 a.m. CST

Every musician has to start at the bottom. Bootheel native Sheryl Crow got her start with a rock cover band during college. Wilco made its live debut at Cicero’s in St. Louis. Some of today’s local bands could be tomorrow’s superstars. Whatever level of fame these groups might reach, these latest releases have plenty of potential.


Release: January
Sounds like: Queens of the Stone Age or Placebo. Sparse lyrics are layered over sick instrumental riffs. “Knives” is Allen Fennewald’s favorite song.
Noteworthy: “We come out strong,” Fennewald says. “We like chaotic harmony. It sounds really crazy, but it has hints of post heavy indie core, if that’s a thing.”
Get the album: ReverbNation, Facebook, and Soundcloud

TANNER BECHTEL - Coffee, Water, Whiskey, and Wine

Release: January
Sounds like: Tim McGraw, Jason Mraz or Harry Chapin. “Annapolis” has no words; Bechtel wrote the song and taught himself to play a $25 piano.
Noteworthy: Bechtel has been featured on Clear 99’s “Homegrown Country” segment. He’s currently working on a collaboration with Grammy-winning Steel Drums.
Get the album: iTunes, Amazon and Spotify

MOONRUNNER - Evening Fires

Release: February
Sounds like: Marvin Gaye or Bob Dylan. The vocals on “This Fire” will give you goosebumps.
Noteworthy: This album is MoonRunner’s final endeavor in Columbia. The band is currently on hiatus, but certain members are moving to Austin, Texas, like vocalist and guitarist Dave Kemper.
Get the album: ReverbNation and Bandcamp

UPTOWN DOWNERS - Uptown Downers

Release: March
Sounds like: Jimi Hendrix or Led Zeppelin. “Life” is their favorite song to play and gets a great response from the crowd.
Noteworthy: Toby Runyon says they recorded the album at his Rocheport home and sent it to Nashville for audio engineering.
Get the album: ReverbNation and coming soon to iTunes

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