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Editor's Letter: A whole new Vox

Caroline Feeney

April 10, 2014 | 12:00 a.m. CST

Think outside the Vox you once knew. It’s been five years since the magazine was redesigned, but the issue you just picked up (we knew you couldn’t resist the dazzling ’60s-era cover) reveals a revamped style with each twist and page turn.

Creative director Libby Burns inspired the visual overhaul with so many ideas that sizzled and popped right off the page: A new “V” logo pumps up the edge-factor of our covers. Fresh white space throughout breathes new life into content previously jumbled and crowded.

But the redesign wasn’t just about aesthetics. Managing Editor Megan Madden also surveyed readers to gather their thoughts on Vox. We heard time and again that our text was too small, so rest your eyes upon easily read stories. And although we plan three weeks in advance, (in the Vox world, it’s already May), you can now find our short and snappy take on all things trending this week. We call it The Pulse.

Ultimately, our goal was to be more like you and feel more like the city we serve — smart, engaged and in-the-know. We can only aspire to keep ahead of our hip readers, but with this new version of Vox, let us surprise you. We’d love to hear your feedback, so send ideas our way to

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