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It Figures: The cost of prom

How much a seniors night of nights will really set you back

Courtesy of Creative Commons

May 1, 2014 | 12:00 a.m. CST

Dreams of sequins, corsages and stretch limos consume high schoolers’ minds and doodles of dashing dates fill their notebooks, which can only mean one thing: it’s prom season. The fanciful event is only one night, but the expenses make it seem like a five-day vacation. This year’s Visa survey shows the expected average per-household prom spending is $978. CoMo’s no Laguna Beach, but there’s still some hefty prices to be paid to arrive in style.

The cost of renting an 18-passenger stretch Escalade from White Knight Coaches and Limos (gratuity included). If all 18 spots are filled, that’s about $67 per person just for transportation.

What it costs to rent a tuxedo from Bingham’s for one night. If that’s a little much for a single use, you could try the Goodwill route and spend more like $1.29. Plus, you’d have that one forever.

How much the cool kid who got asked to both Hickman’s and Rock Bridge’s proms would spend. Tickets to Hickman’s May 3 dance and Rock Bridge’s April 26 event cost $10 per person, the biggest steal of the night.

The average amount Midwesterners intend to spend on the event this year, according to the 2014 Visa survey. That number ranks at the bottom of the survey results topped by West Coasters, who plan on spending around $1,125.

The price tag on Breeze’s most expensive dress in its downtown store. Throw in a pair of the store’s $60 shoes and you’ve got yourself a $1,000 ensemble sans jewelry.

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