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Musical twins Tegan and Sara come to Columbia

Tegan and Sara get "Closer" with their poppy music

May 1, 2014 | 12:00 a.m. CST

Pop-indie duo Tegan and Sara is going on 14 years of performing together, but unlike most musicians, these sisters haven’t fallen into the every-album-sounds-the-same rut.

Music Milestones

“Walking With a Ghost”
So Jealous (2004)
A folk song of the early 2000s that played on your radio and inspired the modern hipster.

“Where Does the Good Go”
So Jealous (2004)
That Season 1 Grey’s Anatomy song that played during “No Man’s Land” when Meredith gives into Derrick’s advances. (We can’t blame her.)

“Back in Your Head”
The Con (2007)
The ultimate break-up jam and the beginning of Tegan and Sara’s switch into indie-pop.

Heartthrob (2013)
The Top 40 crowd-pleaser is the first single from Heartthrob and the new anthem for getting close to your crush.

“Everything is AWESOME!!!”
Feat. The Lonely Island
The LEGO® Movie: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2014)
Tegan and Sara teamed up with raunchy comedy trio The Lonely Island to create a song for their kid-friendly movie.

The 33-year-old Canadian genre-jumping twins have been making music together since they were high school.
But they aren’t the Tegan and Sara from 2004. Their music is now a mix of pop, indie and electronica — think lots of synthesizers and strumming guitar riffs. The beats encourage jumping around and head-bobbing. It’s no longer the easy-listening folk music that attracted Tegan and Sara’s rabid fanbase.

Their seventh and latest album, Heartthrob, released in early 2013, is a collection of songs about love and heartbreak. Fans of the duo’s original folky sound were in for a shock. In January, the sisters told Rolling Stone they were aware of the huge departure they were making from their original sound. But Sara never expected “Closer” to become a Top 40 hit and on the radio everywhere.

The new sound has given them the opportunity to tour with many big acts including David Guetta, Jack Johnson and Paramore, and they performed at Coachella and Lollapalooza. In September, Tegan and Sara will open for one of the queens of pop, Katy Perry.

But touring with a family member, especially a sister, isn’t always easy. Sisterly spats are bound to happen. Based on past performances, their sisterly banter and love-hate relationship might just make an appearance in Columbia.

However, the stage is not the only place their humor is evident. Tegan and Sara’s “About” page says they enjoy “reading, hair, ships, vampires, hot dogs, talking and relating to elderly people, self-soothing, rearranging furniture, and giving excellent advice.”

The twins are showcasing their musical talents at The Blue Note for the first time on Tuesday. So come for the variety of folk, rock, pop and sisterly love.

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