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Editor's Letter: Why brunch?

Caroline Feeney

May 8, 2014 | 12:00 a.m. CST

I calculate the success of my Sundays on a scientific brunch quality scale. There are a number of factors to consider. First, whether I ate enough donuts and/or French toast to experience a sugar high, which must be delicately balanced with the perfect salt ratio. Second, that the brunch location meets a certain standard — patios, quirky diners and my mother’s kitchen all rank pretty high on the list. Then there are a number of external variants: Were biscuits and gravy involved? Was I in a rush to start my to-do list or was there a food coma nap? And, of course, the weather that day.

Across the board, brunch manifests in different forms. To me, it always means traditional breakfast food at lunchtime — and giving strange looks to people who don’t seize this delicious opportunity. As I left Easter service this year, I overheard a man in his 70s round up his gang for Bloody Marys on the porch at his place. Touché.

But after all my years of brunching, of sitting in church as a kid and dreaming of bagels smothered in cream cheese, I can say the universal piece to this sacred feast is the company you keep. It’s a chance for my whole family to come together or let loose with friends. And often it’s the last event before we part ways.

At Vox, we understand the importance of brunch, and we know our city has a lot to offer. Explore new places or hit up old haunts with our guide. As you savor the last sip of blueberry spritzer on a sunny afternoon, ignore the daunting week ahead for a few more moments, and simply be.

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