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Indie-rock band Clockwork crosses The Bridge

The St. Louis alternative trio brings its antics and album to Columbia

May 8, 2014 | 12:00 a.m. CST

Photo courtesy of Clockwork.

Clockwork, a St. Louis-based indie rock trio, will be in CoMo on Friday to entertain with shameless shenanigans and versatile music.


Where: The Bridge
When: May 9, 8 p.m.
Cost: $5-8
Call: 442-9627

The band’s eight-track album Out to Sea was released this past year and draws from countless influences. “I’ve got a crush on Chris Martin,” 21-year-old guitarist and songwriter Jordan Slone says of the Coldplay frontman. “And Muse was the first really big concert that we all saw together.”

Muse was a well-oiled machine, says 18-year-old bassist Logan Slone. On the album’s second track, “Lock Eyes,” a chord progression similar to the standard 12-bar blues of jazz classics gives momentum to heavy rhythms. The band’s many influences show in Clockwork’s sound, which allows the band to avoid being put into a genre.

“If you look at any one of our playlists, there’s no consistency,” Jordan says. “It will go Michael Bublé to Deftones to Fiona Apple to The Beastie Boys to Charles Mingus. Then it goes to Coldplay, and then to Relient K.”

The Slone brothers started playing together in 2008. Logan Slone’s friend, also 18, Logan Mohler, joined shortly after. In late 2010, the trio became Clockwork after deciding they wanted to perform professionally.

It’s not just Clockwork’s music that grabs attention, their antics cause a stir. In Louisville, Kent., the band smuggled a dog into a hotel through a stairwell window. In Wichita, Kan., Mohler’s hat blew off, and Jordan videotaped his frantic chase.

“We’ve gotten out of our car when we were stopped in dead traffic and played to other cars on the highway,” Jordan says. “We don’t ever have an exact plan of how we’re going to go about promotion, but we randomly find moments and we say, ‘I think this would be something other people would find funny.’”

Photo courtesy of Clockwork.

In April, they promised fans they would drink a bottle of ketchup if they got 10 more likes on their Facebook page. They kept their word. “We were just dreading it so much, but in the end we ended up getting 50 likes out of it,” Jordan says. “People just wanted to see our faces in disgust as we tried to drink ketchup.”

A quick look at the band’s Facebook page is all it takes to literally LOL. To celebrate the St. Louis Blues making it to the NHL playoffs, Mohler posed in pictures wearing the same jersey he got as a child, which, as you can imagine fits pretty snug now.

They might not have gelled hair or choreography, but watch out One Direction and 5 Seconds to Summer ­— Missouri’s got its own version of boy band.

Clockwork's cover of "The Everly Brothers - Wake Up Little Susie"

Clockwork's Top Five Album Crushes

Coldplay, Viva la Vida
This album was the gateway to a bigger better musical world.

Jack White, Blunderbuss
It’s all about the instrumentation, baby.

The Black Keys, El Camino
Logan Slone had this album on repeat when he first started writing music.

The Deftones, White Pony
Logan Mohler’s dad introduced him to rock music. Unfortunately, then his dad had to listen to his son learning how to play drums.

Brand New, Deja Entendu
This helped guitarist Jordan Slone transition his songwriting from Blink 182 to Bob Dylan.

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