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Q&A: Aurora Dawn-Rose and Dave Langer

The couple behind Missouri Heartland Harvest put an emphasis on eco-friendliness.

Fiction issue: The Plants

"Andrea stared at the marginata for a long time, as though willing it to thrive."

Fiction issue: Jane

Fiction issue: The Fence

“Setting her at the desk, I waited for some remnants of her old self; stories of the city, a poem written while away — anything.”

Fiction issue: Partly Cloudy

She smelled like the lovely scent of a fondly remembered ex-lover, combined with the tiniest ureic tinge of adrenaline.

Fiction issue: Whiskey'd

“The run of notes was unsteady and raw. Rather than singing, the notes screeched.”

Fiction issue: Columbia's best short fiction

Vox asked Columbia’s raconteurs to submit their best short fiction. Click on the links to the left to read the five winning stories.

Editor's Letter: Without fiction

Through fiction, we can experience and understand pain from a distance. The five winners of Vox’s competition all happened to explore resolute subjects with short but impactful scenes.

Parklets pop up downtown

Be prepared to sit a little happier this summer as the parklet that graced downtown last summer will once again be a part of the downtown landscape.

Hear This: Female powerhouses

Lily Allen, Lykke Li and Tune-yards come back in May with new albums.

Musical twins Tegan and Sara come to Columbia

Pop-indie duo Tegan and Sara are coming to The Blue Note Tuesday. Check out their mix of folk, rock, pop and sisterly love.

Movie review: The Other Woman

(Web Exclusive) The Other Woman isn’t the kind of movie that’s going to win awards. But it’s incredibly relatable for any woman (or man, for that matter) that has ever dealt with a lying, cheating jerk.

Movie review: Brick Mansions

(Web Exclusive) As bad as Detroit might be today, it couldn’t be any worse than the set of Brick Mansions.

The evolution of environmental activism since the 1960s

In the wake of Earth Day this week, we took a look at stages of environmentalism across the last five decades and some key terms that emerged over the years.

Q&A: Peter Stiepleman

Peter Stiepleman started out in the insurance game, but once he read a picture book to a classroom in Berkeley, Ca., he traded in his cubicle for night school.

On the bus

Every day, millions of people travel in the same direction on one vehicle. Boarding a bus is like joining a cohort. There are norms to be observed. The most memorable experiences, though, happen when the norms are broken.

Love: the only reason to endure a 12-hour Greyhound ride

How to win friends and dump your girlfriend

Ribbons and sparkly shoes defy gender stereotypes

Fast times for a $1.50 on FastCAT