Beautiful Bodies takes the stage at Stephens

Six friends are snowed in together and things get real. Luckily, the drama stays on stage because the actresses are friends in real life.


Ashley Hall creates eye-catching jewelry out of leftover odds and ends

Recycled objects get a second life in this studio

Earrings, necklaces and other accessories are put together using scraps of old dresses, pastel shavings, broken jewelry, painted elements and metalwork. Each is a testament to Hall’s attitude toward the odds and ends that others often overlook.

Artist brings traditional Korean paper art to MU

Joomchi is a traditional Korean method for papermaking

Jiyoung Chung’s visit is part of MU Fiber Arts Club’s effort to bring knowledge of outside artists into the community. The event is open to those interested in hearing her speak and watching her teach fibers students how to create their own Joomchi.

Marsha Miller: Drama queen

Talking Horse Productions rolls out the red carpet for The Sudden Glide

Talking Horse Productions' latest show, The Sudden Glide is “a screwball comedy with some meat to it.”

Ad man makes the move from accounts to acrylics

Rodney Burlingame quits his day job to focus on the love for painting

During three decades in the advertising business, Rodney Burlingame mastered the art of taking something ordinary and finding new ways to get your attention. Now, he has turned his attention to painting, but he hasn’t lost his touch.

Columbia's modern take on the classic brim hat

Colorful hand-felted hats, made in Columbia and brimming with style

What can you make with a ball, some wool, silk and a pair of pantyhose? Columbia local Ruth Walker makes $300 hand-felted brim hats.

Scott McMahon's art in motion

How historical photography inspires moving sculptures

Scott McMahon uses found objects, old photography equipment and projector motors to create whimsical machines with a video, audio or photo component.

Looks can be deceiving

Local hyperrealism artist Dennis Murphy creates life-like works of art

Columbia artist Dennis Murphy works in the style of hyperrealism, crafting large-scale images so deep and vivid that they easily could be mistaken for a hi-res photos.

The creators behind the classes

Local artists enrich art-for-everyone environments

Three art instructors share glimpses inside their creative processes, upcoming projects and classes anyone can take.

MU landscape architect paints rural landscapes

John Glenn keeps his family history alive through art

When the buildings of the farm Glenn's family has owned and operated in Pratt, Kan., since 1908 began to fall into disarray, he knew that even if they could not be physically preserved, he could give them life within a frame.

NYC meets CoMo in PS Gallery's Winter Exhibit

East Coast grit meets Midwest charm at winter exhibit

Painter Emily Burns and mixed media artist Josh George can’t tell you what beauty is or what it means to have an ideal life. But in the Winter Exhibit at PS Gallery, these two artists encourage you to evaluate your own definitions against their work.

Columbia's newest public sculpture

Public art flowing into the Arts District

Tidal Murmur” was installed on Nov. 14 as part of the city’s Percent for Art program.

Artist uses glitter to illuminate inequality

All that glitters is not gold

Kara Brooks works with glitter, a medium she stumbled upon while helping a friend with a third-grade project. She doesn’t consider herself a glitter-loving person, but through her art she aims to make sense of racism.

See This: PS Gallery's Hallery

Featuring a series of monsters

This series of monsters is a collection that local artist Jessie Starbuck has found herself going back to since 2012.

In the Studio: Jessie Starbuck

Starbuck's inspiration is all over her walls

The layers of items in the studio mimic the layers of her artwork: a fanciful mix-and-match of pieces that somehow fit together.

The locals that revived Columbia's art scene

Kate Gunn, Lili Vianello and Joel Sager are Columbia's art allies

When it comes to revitalizing Columbia’s art scene, Kate Gunn, Lili Vianello and Joel Sager prove that three heads are better than one.

Local father-daughter duo create art in the same studio

Jenny McGee and Robert Hodgson share a love for art and a space for creating it.

These two artists work in close quarters. She paints with passion; he paints with pragmatism.

Student makes film stills into painted squares

Artist creates minimalist-inspired show

MU Master of Fine Arts student Eric Norby currently spends at least 20 hours per week in his studio at Bingham Commons. He is organizing paintings for his upcoming show in the MSA/GPC Craft Studio.

Twins create artistic quilts together from the first stitch

Karon Huggler and Sharon Pendergraft have identical passions for quilting

These twins are entwined with more than their identical genomes. Karon Huggler and Sharon Pendergraft have created quilts together from the first stitch.

Local artist creates tiny pieces of street art

Maggie Tripp hides her handcraft trinkets in Columbia alleyways

These miniature replicas of real-life items — a clothesline with white and blue garments, a red gum ball machine barely 2 inches high — are part of local artist Maggie Tripp’s collection of art installations she hides around downtown Columbia.

SPEAK empowers students through arts

Playwriting, poetry, rap and cartoon drawing express feelings about bullying

The goal of SPEAK is to convey to students that their voice matters, and they should feel safe expressing themselves.