Beautiful Bodies takes the stage at Stephens

Six friends are snowed in together and things get real. Luckily, the drama stays on stage because the actresses are friends in real life.


World Naked Bike Ride inspired MU director of drawing's latest collection

World Naked Bike Ride inspires artist's collection of paintings

After Mark Langeneckert saw a naked cyclist, he found inspiration for his latest collection. “The people are having a good time, and they’re promoting what I consider is a good cause,” Langeneckert says.

Retiree India Marie Knowles creates bead-embroidered jewelry for fun

Knowles has crafted jewelry for more than 10 years

After retiring from her private practice as a counselor in 2002, Knowles turned her attention to her passion for art. Though she's been beading for 10 years, she started using the bead-embroidering technique only three years ago.

Two actors bring 18 characters to life in Tuna Does Vegas

Vegas, baby! Let's go to Arrow Rock

The cast of the stage production Tuna Does Vegas is not your average lineup. There are only two men, but a combination of costume changes, voice alterations and personality adaptations help them create an entire town’s worth of characters.

Artists trade projects for "Interpretations" experiment

Marriage of minds

The Columbia Art League is hosting “Interpretations,” the marriage of 40 visual artists and 40 literary artists in a union with an element of mystery.

Columbia resident sells handcrafted jewelry to support Brazilians

Nathalia Maduenho sells golden grass jewelery made by small-scale artisans

After she learned about the history and rarity of golden grass, Maduenho took it upon herself to become immersed in understanding its trade. She saw an opportunity to help Brazilian villages and decided to bring the distinctive jewelry to Columbia.

Talking Horse Productions finds a new home

Look for a hobo and a hooker at Talking Horse's opening night

The Man with the Plastic Sandwich will be the first performance in the new Talking Horse Productions theater on St. James Street after relocating from Berlin Theatre on North Tenth Street on July 13.

Bluestem partner Marilyn Vernon made art with fabrics and paper

Exhibit tribute will run until August 19

Marylin Vernon's teacher said she had "magic fingers." One of Vernon's signature designs included the batik technique, which uses dye and wax.

Cake decorating in CoMo

The Velvet Cupcake and U Knead Sweets bakers share tips on their specially designed desserts

Putting a tiered cake together is all about balance. McDonnell places the layers one on top of the other and holds them in place with wooden dowel rods, stakes that stick into the cake and support the weight of the tiers. A column cake, on the other hand, is separated by bakery pillars which are carefully placed by McDonnell. Once the tiers or columns are in place, the designing begins.

Tigers on the prowl art event

Fiberglass tiger statues are created by local artists to support Columbia charities

Tigers on the Prowl features 10 ceramic 5-foot-10-inch tigers, painted and decorated by 10 artists, each paired with a sponsoring business and charity. Hartgrove and the other artists had about 10 weeks to create their tigers.

The State Historical Society showcases three Civil War exhibits

SHSMO rolls the Battle of Wilson's Creek, General Nathaniel Lyon and art history into one

The State Historical Society of Missouri’s master work is a sight to see all its own. Viewers have the chance to delve deeper into history with the society's special gallery additions for exhibits "Remembering Gen. Order No. 11," "Money, Mail and Memoria: Ephemera of the Civil War Era" and "The Missouri State Capitol in Art/Art in the Missouri State."

Jennie Graham-Henderson teaches Columbians to upcycle

Eco Chic Studio turns disposable materials into repurposed art

Eco Chic Studio, located in the Catacombs Gallery of Artlandish Gallery, opened on April 19. It offers open studio hours during which people can participate in upcycling projects, summer camps and classes that teach kids about upcycling and being resourceful and sustainable.

Eco Chic Studio's upcyclying project

Jennie Graham-Henderson shows Columbians how to make a clothespin planter

Check out this do-it-yourself upcycled clothespin planter project from Eco Chic Studio.

David Mishra finds beauty in the uncommon

The artist developed an eye for the unusual during his childhood

(Web Exclusive) David Mishra’s art varies so greatly in subject matter and style that it’s hard to categorize them into any specific category. On the evening of June 7, he unveiled two never before seen paintings during his exhibit opening at the Catacombs Gallery of Artlandish Gallery.

In The Studio: Steve Whipple

A blacksmith creates functional metal art in his spare time

In a barn a few miles east of Columbia, an “artist blacksmith” gets to work. Steve Whipple is careful to make the distinction.

Columbia woman's passion for jewelry becomes a business

Jessica Otterbacher opened The Bead Gallery after discovering her talent

Four years ago, Jessica Otterbacher opened The Bead Gallery at Orr Street Art Warehouse with $100 in capital and four tables. Initially, she used the space as her studio, where she strung jewelry and helped others make their own.

Yoga Sol instructor teaches the art of aerial dancing

Jennifer Rauscher rises up from injury to find a different outlet for her dreams

When a dancer fell on Jennifer Rauscher at a musical audition in Chicago, more than just their bodies came crashing down. The goals Rauscher had long pursued were about to abruptly change. After undergoing surgery on both of her collision-damaged knees, the Troy native had been unsure about her future in music and theater.

Summer preview: Arts

From outdoor films to experimental art, CoMo has a lineup that will catch the eye

Remember how much you loved summer as a kid? Here are 76 more reasons to be excited.

Voice actor Dana Snyder heads back to the stage

Longtime actor prepares for roles at Lyceum Theatre's summer productions

The man best known for his 13-year role as the animated milkshake, Master Shake, on Adult Swim’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force is trading in the isolated sound booth for the live audience at Arrow Rock’s Lyceum Theatre.

Bill Berloni turns dogs into showbiz superstars

The Tony Award-winner has trained rescues for the stage for more than three decades

Bill Berloni taught Sunny how to get used to the sound of applause and the bright lights of fame. He also taught the female dog, who would play a male role, how to sit, stay and heel. Berloni, 56, has trained animals such as Sunny, a sandy-haired, mixed-breed dog, for stage, television and commercials for 36 years.

In the Studio: Jamie Dack

Jamie Dack works with fibers to create useful art

Natural light floods into the airy studio from the windows and catches an array of colors from Jamie Dack’s current projects. A sweeping glance around the studio begs one question: Is there a single hue she doesn’t have? Fibers artist Dack and her husband moved the refurbished station to their lot and elevated and expanded it after the 1993 floods.