Editor's Letter

Editor's Letter: Why brunch?

At Vox, we understand the importance of brunch, and we know our city has a lot to offer. Explore the best in brunch with our guide.

Editor's Letter: Without fiction

Through fiction, we can experience and understand pain from a distance. The five winners of Vox’s competition all happened to explore resolute subjects with short but impactful scenes.

Editor's Letter: My bus story

Turns out, everyone has a bus story. Vox’s feature this week explores the bus a as witness, as a harbor of secrets. In that moment, the bus to me was both a culprit and savior.

Editor's Letter: Choosing love

"Life will test and try us in many ways. One thing we can control is the amount of love we pour into the world."

Editor's Letter: A whole new Vox

"It’s been five years since the magazine was redesigned, but the issue you just picked up (we knew you couldn’t resist the dazzling ’60s-era cover) reveals a revamped style with each twist and page turn."

Editor's Letter: Night shift

In the current debate over the proposal to raise the minimum wage, Democrats cite a report that shows the increase would boost income for 16.5 million people, and Republicans refer to a study that claims it would cut 500,000 jobs. A compromise appears to be in the works, but the nuances of people’s real lives can get lost in the statistics.

Editor's Letter: Collective souls

"Collecting provides a sense of order in a random world. It’s an identity to grasp onto, a calming sense of stability that represents who we are and where we come from."

Editor's Letter: The unsung hero

This week Vox tells the story of Gamal Castile, a local man whose fascination with Greek warriors as a child led him to collect authentic armor akin to that of the classical world’s idealized soldiers. As a police officer, he now signifies a new age warrior.

Editor's Letter: Grinding and sexual freedom

"In this week’s cover story, Elise Schmelzer unspools a compelling first-person narrative about grinding. Through observation and research, Elise dismantles the illusion of grinding as a sexually liberating dream world driven by cloudy inhibitions. She strips away the flashing lights and the cheap cologne to reflect grinding in its truest form: a simulation of sex, driven by a primitive instinct with complicated undertones. She reveals how a dance that represents sexual freedom is governed by unspoken rules."

Editor's Letter: Breaking Ground

"Vox explores the concern about a disconnect between American attitudes and science. Technology is just one example. Despite the two and a half billion people connected to the Internet and the need for more computer programmers, few schools introduce kids to computer science early on. Decades after Nintendo and the pixelated Mario Bros., adults and kids alike hold iPads projecting seamless images without giving a second thought to how it all works."

Editor's Letter: In reel life

"The numbers show that David Wilson and Paul Sturtz’s True/False Film Fest is a growing force. But the figures don’t capture the intangible energy that infiltrates the city during the annual celebration of nonfiction film. Vox calls it the True/False state of mind."

Editor's Letter: Looking glass

This week, we take a peek into the real and virtual lives of Jillian Hutton, an MU student who coded and designed a role-playing website. Creative writing fuels conversations between swanky celebrity avatars who discuss fictitious scenarios.

Editor's Letter

"Angie shared her story in order to help others going through the internal conflict she overcomes every day. Despite addiction’s complexity, the outstretched hand of someone who’s survived it might be the best therapy. This was the case for Angie. She opened up to those around her. She got to live long enough to find out what it actually means to love."

Editor's Letter: Spring truths

"Perhaps our snowed-in readers aren’t thinking of getting out on the town for the best warm-weather events quite yet. I can relate. Whenever you’re ready, take on our guide to local concerts, plays, festivals, sporting events and more."

Editor's Letter: The hangover

"According to Rally Labs LLC, a company that makes hangover medicine, Missourians have some of the worst hangovers in the nation. When you wake up dry-mouthed, wondering why you ate street meat the night before, let Vox cure what ails you."

Editor's Letter: More than words

"In an appearance-obsessed culture, one in which many of us experience a bout of self-loathing every morning as we look in the mirror, Madelyn inspired me to think bigger."

Editor's Letter: Silly hearts and Eagle Scouts

This week marks my first as Editor of Vox, and to start the year, the magazine features a photo essay about the understood connection between human and canine.The images capture an unconditional bond, an agreement to love, even when someone shreds toilet paper and spreads it all over the carpet.

Editor's letter: The end of 2013

In 2013, we published amazing stories and expanded the brand into new territory. This whole issue is a retrospective of a year lived worldwide. But before we get to all that, I want to reflect on a year in the life of Vox.

Editor's Letter: Butter banter

"I was at Ernie’s Cafe a couple days ago when our waiter felt inclined to comment on the balls of butter perched atop my friend’s and my short stacks. I was taken aback by how much I enjoyed this impromptu Tuesday morning exchange with a total stranger."

Editor's Letter: A city of secrets

"These secrets are the sort you would share on social media if you came across them, so that’s just what the reporters did. This is the unexpected side of CoMo, and now you can brush up on the local lore."