Editor's Letter

Editor's Letter: Where's the turkey?

In this issue you won’t find a single story, save for this small column, about Thanksgiving. We wanted to give you something to read that isn’t filled with pictures of basted and browned birds.

Editor's Letter: Gridiron glory

"Football carries a heavy load in small-town America. Losses can bring tension and heartbreak to the whole town."

Editor's Letter: The real Branson

"I have been to Branson several times since my original visit, and I think the true spirit of the city prevails in the documentary We Always Lie to Strangers."

Editor's Letter: How we choose

"One of the biggest challenges the editorial team at a magazine faces is how to make content relevant and timely, while also presenting a new perspective."

Editor's Letter: Legendary lessons

"Each year, the Missouri School of Journalism presents these awards to those who are superior representatives in the field of journalism. As I listened to them accept their awards and offer words of wisdom to future generations, two themes emerged."

Editor's Letter: Classic Halloween

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve drifted from the holiday. The extreme haunted houses can be a rush, but I’d rather remember Halloween the way it was during my childhood.

Editor's Letter: Chicago history

"Last weekend I visited Chicago for the first time. My 48-hour trip was packed with new experiences, but the whole time I was thinking about the past."

Editor's Letter: Average appeal

"Throughout this issue and particularly in this week’s feature, we sought out stories about seemingly average people who are doing over-the-top things."

Editor's Letter: Addiction dilemma

"Addiction is dedication. It's codependence. And sometimes, it's love."

Editor's Letter: College towns

"You think you know someone until you hear about their bout with one too many tequila shots."

Editor's Letter: Hometown sounds

"For this issue, we also stuck to the Vox basics of music coverage because once the big tour buses head off to the next stop, our readers will still be searching for the intangible comfort of a great song. "

Editor's Letter: Seeing from every angle

"All the people in our story have shown me that disabilities don’t define happiness. Their lives, including their sexuality, are not something to feel sorry for."

Editor's Letter: Fall begins with an ending

This will be my first fall in Columbia, but after nine months in this city, I know it’s a town deeply rooted in traditions.

Editor's Letter: Change is good

We’ve all had experiences change our course. We’re not necessarily where we thought we would be. And maybe we don’t know exactly how we got here.

Editor's Letter: New perspectives

I always compare Columbia to other cities. Music venues, restaurants, parks, the college campuses — I usually liken them to other places I’ve been.That’s not to say they’re unoriginal.

Editor's Letter: Goodbye

Our editor says his goodbye to Vox.

Editor's Letter: Rock 'n' roll

Wayne Brown, Brent Moore and Adam Roehlke might never grace the cover of Rolling Stone — maybe that’s a good thing — but they’ve managed to turn their love of music into a livelihood. From the American spirit, they’ve found the American dream.

Editor's Letter: Great fiction

I love journalism, and I take pride in getting things right, but I’d give anything for the authorial powers of Hemingway or Twain.

Editor's Letter: Good food, good life

Special issue editor Dani Vanderboegh recounts how food has spiced up her life

Editor's Letter: No Answers

This week, editor Jesse Bishop questions the justice system and reflects on the Zimmerman trial, violence in the community and the nature of self defense.