Q&A: Vincent Su

Vincent Su is vice president of Kappa Pi Beta, MU's first Asian-interest fraternity. He hopes that Kappa Pi Beta can give its members the necessary platform to combat stereotypes associated with both Asian-Americans and Greek organizations.


Vox asks Columbians: What elementary school game should be turned into an Olympic sport?

Locals share their choices of kids games

A Conversation With: Vladimir McMillin

Sports reporter talks about how the Winter Olympics have progressed since 1980

Vladimir McMillin, who covered the 1980 Summer Olympics, talks about the changes that have occurred in the past 24 years, including drug violations and sports coverage.

Vox asks Columbians: What website do you visit most often?

Locals share their favorite websites

A Conversation With: John Murray

Director of the Missouri Theatre talks architecture and the future

John Murray has been the director of the Missouri Theatre since MU took it over two years ago. Hidden between buildings downtown, the Missouri Theatre is Baroque Rococo — gilded frames and over-the-top decadence.

A Conversation With: Lynn Gentzler

Associate director of historial society talks about the importance of knowing history

After 40 years with the State Historical Society of Missouri, Lynn Gentzler has worked with countless manuscripts and resources.

Vox asks Columbians: What was the first concert you attended?

Columbia Public Schools' Mike Szydlowski brings science to life

The Science Guy talks Bill Nye, field trips and science education

The Science Guy talks Bill Nye, field trips and science education.

Vox asks Columbians: What is the worst food to order on a first date?

A Conversation With: Stephanie Logan

Teacher and advocate L.E.A.D.s local deaf community

Stephanie Logan’s life was transformed at 23. She lost her hearing to spinal meningitis, which prompted her to learn an entirely new language. For 19 years now, Logan has worked at the organization and created improvements for the deaf community.

Vox asks Columbians: Which fast-food restaurant is your guilty pleasure, and what do you order there?

Locals share their go-to fast food joints and what they crave

Vox asks Columbians: What is your favorite place in Columbia?

For the locals by the locals

A Conversation With: Jacklyn Marceau

One woman reflects on her life as an exotic dancer, professor and author

For Jacklyn Marceau, stripping at Club Vogue is just one extra role to tack onto her list of others: an English professor at Stephens College, mom, wife and author.

A Conversation With: Shonte Reed

MU senior mentors young women on love, service and education

Now a senior at MU, Shonte Reed is the president of Embracing Amara, a mentoring program for African-American girls in middle and high school.

Vox asks Columbians: What is the wallpaper image on your phone?

Locals share their favorite photos

Vox asks Columbians: What's your favorite high school memory?

Locals share high school highlights

A Conversation With: Cletus Koehler

Driver’s ed teacher knows about life riding shotgun

Cletus Koehler has been in the driver’s education business for more than four decades and he says little has changed except that no one needs a paper map anymore.

A Conservation With: Kathy Estes

The duties of a Greek fraternity's house mother

Estes lives in the Sigma Chi fraternity house on College Avenue with about 75 college men.

Vox asks Columbians: What sitcom family would you most like to join and why?

"Here's a story about a man named Brady."

Vox asks Columbians: As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Locals share their childhood dreams

A Conversation With: Valerie Duever

Mid-Missouri woman explores the secret life of beekeeping

Honorary queen of the hive Valerie Duever has been a beekeeper for about 14 years. But because beekeeping is central in Valerie’s life, people might be surprised to learn she is allergic to bees.