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Movie review: Neighbors

(Web Exclusive) Don’t expect high-brow humor in this movie, but do expect to be laughing for more than half of it.

Movie review: The Lunchbox

(Web Exclusive) The Lunchbox is a story that inspires hope when there is none and sheds light on beauty in the darkest of places.

Movie review: We Always Lie to Strangers

(Web Exclusive) Branson survives on its tourism industry and the commoditization of music drives that forward. However, the performers, ostensibly famous, are small-town down-homers.

Movie review: The Amazing Spider Man 2

(Web Exclusive) Your spidey senses and intuition, if you don’t have web-slinging powers, might have told you The Amazing Spider-Man 2 wouldn’t measure up to the original 2012 film. And it didn’t.

Movie review: Nymphomaniac: Volume I

(Web Exclusive) The bold, provocative von Trier is unable to fully emerge, but Nymphomaniac: Volume I is moderately engaging and confident on its own as art house cinema.

Movie review: The Other Woman

(Web Exclusive) The Other Woman isn’t the kind of movie that’s going to win awards. But it’s incredibly relatable for any woman (or man, for that matter) that has ever dealt with a lying, cheating jerk.

Movie review: Brick Mansions

(Web Exclusive) As bad as Detroit might be today, it couldn’t be any worse than the set of Brick Mansions.

Movie review: Transcendence

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Movie review: Under the Skin

(Web Exclusive) Under the Skin is a study in humanity. It begs the question "what makes us who we are?" without ever actually asking.

Movie Review: Le Week-­End

(Web Exclusive) Overall, the temperature of the film resembles lukewarm bath water, which adds a rather somber, sometimes unsatisfactory, mood to the film.

Movie review: Draft Day

(Web Exclusive) A heaping helping of draft-day drama with the added excitement of a secret relationship and family issues on the side. However, the execution makes Draft Day a win for football fans and a disappointment for movie buffs.

Movie review: The Grand Budapest Hotel

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Movie review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

(Web Exclusive) A fleet-footed and unusually thoughtful entry into the Marvel Comic Universe, Captain America: The Winter Soldier manages to remain both gritty action flick and frothy entertainment.

Movie review: Veronica Mars

(Web Exclusive) To casual viewers, it’s a fun film and a great introduction to the characters. For Marshmallows, it’s a reason to rejoice.

Movie review: Sabotage

(Web Exclusive) The worst part of the film is the character development. The rough-and-rogue agents have nothing to offer beneath an avalanche of macho-man clichés and f-bombs.

Movie review: Noah

(Web Exclusive) The film keeps you guessing, which is some measure of accomplishment for one of the most known stories ever.

Movie Review: Muppets Most Wanted

(Web Exclusive) Not only is the plot lacking in depth, cleverness and humor, but the jokes are simply bad. The film couldn’t even hold the attention of the children sitting next to me.

Movie review: Gloria

(Web Exclusive) Gloria shows that getting older doesn’t mean losing your sense of adventure.

Movie review: Divergent

(Web Exclusive) Although it didn’t leave me weak at the knees, Divergent was downright entertaining, so much so that much of the audience robustly applauded the movie when it ended.

Movie review: Non-Stop

(Web Exclusive) Non-Stop viewers will be switching their guesses of who the true villain is up until the last five minutes. Wait to see this on DVD so you can discuss with friends who you think is holding the plane hostage without angering movie theatre-goers with your whispers.