The Guide: Dating book matrix

Whether you are a man or a woman looking for classy or trashy dating advice, books cover relationships to the nth degree. The more no-nonsense self-help books are, the more popular they become, especially when it comes to dating. It all depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re into serious relationships, life partners, marriage or casual fun, we have the right reads for you.


The Guide: Music lessons

Find a music teach in 5 minutes or less

Whether you're a first time music student or looking to master your skill, we've found 11 local music teachers and studios willing to help you out.

The Guide: Scarves made simple

Vox's Guide to the perfect knot

(Web Exclusive) Avoid becoming a human icicle this winter by adding cozy neck adornments to the wardrobe. Stay warm, and look cooler than ever with these four scarf knots.

The Guide: Gun stores and ranges in Columbia

Where to buy, shoot and learn about guns

(Web Exclusive) With several gun shops and two shooting ranges within city limits, getting immersed in Columbia’s gun culture can be as simple as a quick car ride.

The Guide: Columbia's vinyl record shops

A comprehensive guide to shopping for LPs in Columbia

(Web Exclusive) Whether you’re looking for a record that just dropped or a tried-and-true classic that’s out of stock everywhere else, you’ve got options to explore in Columbia. And here, we rounded them up.

Guide to: Vintage and used clothing stores

Make a statement with our guide to vintage and resale stores

(Web Exclusive) Everything and every place you need to know to about vintage and resale stores in Columbia. Here are 10 options for you to choose from. So whether you're on a tight budget or you just like vintage pieces, we've got you covered.

Guide to: Columbia hiking

City trails offer scenic views and rock climbing

On the surface, Columbia might look like any other Midwestern town, but the city has its secrets. Outside the heart of the city, Columbia is anything but a concrete jungle. Forests, caves, wetlands and rocky bluffs make up the landscape and connect city parks to nature. Columbia is home to more than 50 parks and trails, and the following is merely a selection of what the city and surrounding areas have to offer.

The Guide: Camping near CoMo

Six choices for camping within 30 minutes of Columbia

Trips abroad or even just to another state can be expensive, but camping nearby is an affordable escape. These campsites don’t just offer the space to pitch a tent or hook up an RV but also have plenty of opportunities for fishing, hiking and stargazing.

The Guide: Columbia restaurant patios

22 choices for outdoor dining

(Web Exclusive) It’s definitely getting warmer around Columbia. These Columbia restaurants offer room to eat and relax while basking in the sun or enjoying one anothers’ company in the moonlight.

The Guide: Find a farmers market

Produce doesn’t come much fresher than from the market

(Web Exclusive) There are plenty of stores in Columbia that sell natural or organic food, but why not go straight to the source? Farmers’ markets are a great way to get fresh produce, homemade baked goods, meat completely free of “pink slime,” plants, and craft items. Due to the early onset of spring, many of them are opening few weeks early this year, so plan on checking out some of our local markets soon.

FROM THE ARCHIVES: A guide to exercise DVDs

Vox reviews some of Columbia's most popular workout DVDs

Vox tried some of the most popular exercise DVDs, as ranked by the library, in stores and online. Before you run out and buy a DVD you’ve never tried before, check out our reviews and pick the one you think will work best for you.

Craft away your cabin fever

To prevent the classic case of cabin fever, choose from a medley of crafts — whether it’s knitting, quilting, painting, throwing ceramic pots or building beaded bracelets — from our winter craft class guide. Shut out the cold and channel an inner Martha Stewart.

The Guide: Mid-Missouri's a cappella groups

Read about some of mid-Missouri's committed a cappella groups

Columbia boasts award-winning a cappella groups of all ages. Members of these groups find time to rehearse every week, despite class or work commitments. In this guide, Vox features contemporary to classic a cappella groups in Columbia that have either been around for years or are just starting out.

The Guide: Pumpkin patches

Vox finds the perfect place to grab a pumpkin

(Web Exclusive) Every year, around this time, people across the country are faced with an important, seemingly insurmountable task: picking the perfect pumpkin. Whether you need one for baking a tasty pie or carving a jack-o'-lantern, the options abound. Vox presents a list of places to grab the greatest gourds.

The Guide: Horseback riding

Where to go to get back in the saddle

(Web Exclusive) Head away from the city and out to the countryside to experience the many horseback-riding options that mid-Missouri offers. With a little help from Vox, aspiring riders can find the perfect lesson.

The Guide: Fishing in Columbia

Learn where to catch fantastic fish

Columbia boasts eight public hot spots for fishing enthusiasts or line-casting novices. Pack a lunch, grab a tackle box, resuscitate that well-worn fishing hat and spend a day finding out which fish are eager for a bite of bait.

The Guide: Golf

Don't hit the links without consulting Vox's guide to golf

(Web Exclusive) Whether you’re a golfer who just hopes to finish a round without running out of golf balls or a player who thinks you’re the next Tiger Woods, Columbia’s courses have something in store for you. These courses are open year-round, and while golfing in the snow is improbable, people can still enjoy these courses as long as weather permits.

The Guide: Alterations

Where to go when last season's pants no longer fit

(Web Exclusive) For those not blessed with sewing skills, Vox is here with a guide to Columbia’s alteration shops.

The Guide: FM radio stations

Find the radio station that fits your music taste

(Web Exclusive) Nothing beats cruising in the car with the windows rolled down and the radio turned up while belting out a great song. But it’s frustrating when you can’t find something good to jam to. Stop hitting the seek button, and use this guide to help you find the perfect FM radio station, no matter what mood you’re in.

The Guide: Columbia art galleries

View artwork from around the world, and span centuries without leaving the city

(Web Exclusive) To an art lover, few things are as welcoming as the smooth, expansive floors and track lighting of an art gallery. Columbia’s galleries are filled with carefully curated items such as Native American kachina dolls, handcrafted jewelry and origami paper mobiles. They offer a glimpse of the work of tomorrow’s artists and a look at the utilitarian pieces fashioned by our ancestors. Admission to each is free.

The Guide: Restaurant patios

Where to go to nosh in the sun in Columbia

(Web Exclusive) Patio season is warming up as quickly as Missouri weather. Whether you’re kicking back with friends and family, on a date with a special someone or getting back in the swing of baseball, a good time and a great meal shouldn’t be confined within walls. For those unwilling to give up that elusive sunshine, Columbia offers an array of outdoor dining hotspots that will plant you in a spring state of mind.