Hula with MU Hoop Groop

Remember the friends who swirled their waists in rhythmic rotations while you stood in awe of the number of times a plastic hoop spun around? Well, they’re not kids anymore. The amateur hoopers have traded neighborhood barbecues for sweltering music festivals.


Hula with MU Hoop Groop

Professional hula hoopers twirl into summer

Remember the friends who swirled their waists in rhythmic rotations while you stood in awe of the number of times a plastic hoop spun around? Well, they’re not kids anymore. The amateur hoopers have traded neighborhood barbecues for sweltering music festivals.

It Figures: The cost of prom

How much a seniors night of nights will really set you back

Would you believe the expected average per-household prom spending is $978?

The evolution of environmental activism since the 1960s

Milestones and movements in environmental activism from the 1960s to today

In the wake of Earth Day this week, we took a look at stages of environmentalism across the last five decades and some key terms that emerged over the years.

Columbia runners return to 2014 Boston Marathon

Getting set for the country's oldest marathon

After last year’s bombings, the 2014 Boston Marathon is the second largest in the race’s history.

One teacher shows how "art saves lives"

Local art teacher Sharyn-Hyatt Wade talks about how art class can foster more than creativity

In the wake of MU's decision to cut its undergraduate art education major, protestors argue that art-ed does more for students than make them better artists. Many say that art saves lives, and stories from Hyatt-Wade’s former students give truth to the movement’s tagline.

Four MU volleyball players make the cut for national team tryouts

See beyond the court with the four MU volleyballers who will tryout for the national team

Get to know Sarah Meister, Whitney Little, Carly Kan and Emily Wilson in this behind-the-court look at what they can’t live without before a game, how they prepare for a match and their methods for getting luck on their side.

Pressed juice trend hits Columbia

Local businesses support recent juice fad

More and more people are making juice part of their regular diet in hope of improving their lives. Main Squeeze, Lucky's Market and Blenders are serving up the popular drink here in Columbia.

The popularity of pugs

Why we can't resist these wheezing, bug-eyed pups

Procrastinators everywhere are shifting focus from memes and videos of disgruntled felines to let pugs fill their computer screens. The pug doesn’t need to play the piano or clumsily fall off the table. It wins love simply by having a lot of extra skin and a smushed face.

Bow-tied: MU chancellor speaks up

Q&A with MU's favorite Twitter celebrity

Meet the man behind the bow tie.

Things to know about crime in Columbia

Q&A on drugs, shootings and gangs

Visually discover the latest updates in Columbia crime data

It figures: True/False wrap-up

The numerical down-low on the biggest film weekend in Columbia

The numbers are in. Here is a recap of True/False weekend by the digits.

Quiz: What type of film festival fanatic are you?

This five question quiz will determine if you're the die-harder, the documenter, the interrogator or the partier of the film fest

At True/False, the mix of people makes the fest. Take our quiz to find out where you fit in to Columbia's spotlight weekend.

Tracing Columbia’s history of black education

Students struggle to the chalkboard

Nothing could stop black students in Columbia from receiving an education—even if they were relegated to smaller, older classrooms and had fewer opportunities after graduation.

5 Things: To know about eggs in the Heartland

What do you know about egg business in Missouri?

New Columbia community classes that will prepare you to impress

Six new community classes to help you impress some of the most important people in your life

Ever find yourself listening to conversations happening around you and feeling completely out of your depth? Learn how to impress the most cultured of any company and turn from a shrunken wallflower into someone enviable and experienced.

Columbia's Nerdy Society geeks out

The Nerdy Society brings Columbia's nerds together to celebrate the cerebral

McLovin’s awkwardness; Hermione Granger’s love for books; Sheldon Cooper’s comic-themed T-shirt collection. Every iconic nerd has a trademark. Columbia’s nerds, however, are not so easy to identify.

On the road to Sochi

Vox shows you how to watch the Winter Games like an athlete

Culminated here are the tactics training experts recommend to best prepare and endure the event that is watching the Olympics. If you keep your eyes on the prize and follow the playbook below, you’ll be a gold-medal viewer.

It Figures: Super Bowl

Numbers about football's biggest night

The Super Bowl is like Christmas for football fans. These numbers show how game-day mania plays out in Columbia.

Volunteering opportunities at Columbia shelters

Six places to give back

With a drop in volunteering after the holidays as people go back to their normal routines, Vox made it easier for you to give back.

Sinkholes in Missouri bring pollution threats

Water pollution proves to be the little-known threat behind sinkholes

When a sinkhole opens up, people tend to dump their trash in it. Seems like basic human tomfoolery. The consequences of doing so in karst environments ­— landscapes with limestone foundations that have been eroded to create sinkholes, caves and the porous ground — is that everything thrown in a sinkhole might directly contaminate the water.