Hula with MU Hoop Groop

Remember the friends who swirled their waists in rhythmic rotations while you stood in awe of the number of times a plastic hoop spun around? Well, they’re not kids anymore. The amateur hoopers have traded neighborhood barbecues for sweltering music festivals.


Covered crops survive cold

Farmers make the seasonal switch to winter harvests

Some farmers use tunnels, or hoop houses, to provide a warmer environment for produce to grow in the winter months. This has helped the Columbia Farmers' Market reach an all-time high of 47 winter vendors.

Cat show sheds light on a craze

Tiger's Lair Feline Fanciers is one of 600 cat clubs in the world

The 25th annual Tiger’s Lair Feline Fanciers show this Saturday will showcase up to 225 cats and kittens flaunting their flawless fur.

Day care costs continue to rise

Child care expenses outpace the cost of college

Annual child care costs are now higher than yearly tuition at an in-state, public college in 35 states, including Missouri. These costs have increased eight times faster than family income during 2012.

Experts reveal the proper way to say sorry

The art of apologies

Saying you’re sorry is a skill that requires effort beyond a two-word phrase. The pros share their expertise about delivering a fitting apology to family members, friends or on behalf of an organization.

Five things about football safety

How coaches and organizations work to reduce injuries

With the high risk of injury, it's no surprise that some call football a "collision" sport, not just a contact sport.

Social media influences attitudes about sex

Hookup culture gets new platforms

Through Twitter accounts and apps such as Tinder, Lulu, erodr and Bang With Friends, images of nudity and sex pop up frequently and are fueling changing perceptions of more casual sexual behavior.

Missouri’s history of the death penalty

The state has the fifth-highest rate of executions

Missouri’s switch to a new execution drug in October is the latest milestone in the state’s history with capital punishment. Check out the progression of execution procedures in Missouri.

It Figures: Food Stamps

A look at local food issues

A decrease in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits affect Boone County families.

Columbia Police Department enforces jaywalking tickets

Complaints from drivers led to ticketing

The Columbia Police Department started issuing jaywalking tickets this fall after it received numerous complaints from drivers. Check out our diagram of four types of jaywalkers.

The evolution of basketball shorts

Athletic short shorts retired long ago

Fortunately for basketball, minuscule shorts don’t hang in arenas next to the respective jerseys, and modern players, including the Missouri Tigers, never have to squeeze into booty shorts again.

Five things to know about the flu shot this season

What to know about preventing strains of influenza

The traditional flu shot and this year's new flu shot helps protect against specific strains.

Tablets help restaurants go paperless

Local eateries kick clunky registers to the curb

The user-friendly technology of a tablet led several local eateries to make the switch from traditional cash registers.

It Figures: Football

The sport's influence on fans in town

Vox gives the stats on the impact of football in Columbia.

Women pull the trigger in a new shooting league

Self-defense and recreation increase female gun use

A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League is a national organization that started its Columbia chapter in July. The organization educates women about firearm use in a social atmosphere.

Columbians rally to keep CAT TV funded

Columbia Access Television works to be more sustainable

After the city announced that funding for Columbia Access Television would be cut, support from the community led to a budget amendment that allowed the station to be funded for one more year.

Columbia CrossFitters chase a different kind of high

The intense workout program sweeping the nation can lead to health solutions — or problems

CrossFit goes beyond bodybuilding, challenges even mighty marathoners and pushes the limits of the human body. This workout humbles the tough guy and empowers the couch potato.

It Figures: Shryocks Corn Maze

Get lost in our by-the-numbers look at the popular maze

Good numbers to know (and call) before entering the corn labyrinth.

It Figures: Housing

National and local housing statistics

Vox breaks down national and local housing statistics. Who knew the most expensive home for sale in Columbia is $2.5 million?

Dementia affects individuals at earlier ages

Two couples share their story of how Alzheimer's impacted their lives

Brian Cottle and Jill Stewart are among the 200,000 people younger than 65 who have been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's.

Volunteer rates are rising for the younger generation

Millennials bring energy and enthusiasm to volunteer work

It’s true that millennials don’t volunteer as much as other generations, according to national numbers, but local observations suggest a change among this age group in previous years.