Columbia R&B artist Flexy bends but won't break

With a full-time class load in addition to working about 30 hours a week, MU student and local R&B artist Josh Teasley (better known as Flexy the Artist) says his music keeps him sane and moving forward.


Pressed juice trend hits Columbia

Local businesses support recent juice fad

More and more people are making juice part of their regular diet in hope of improving their lives. Main Squeeze, Lucky's Market and Blenders are serving up the popular drink here in Columbia.

Being funny's no joke

You've gotta work at improv if you wanna make 'em laugh

The talented members of the MU Improv troupe are naturally funny, but still have to practice to make a joke out of everything.

Sculpt Magazine celebrates its sixth issue

Sculpt Magazine Editor-in-chief, Rikki Byrd, celebrated the magazine's sixth issue with a launch party at Muse Clothing downtown Columbia.

A Conversation With: Jacklyn Marceau

One woman reflects on her life as an exotic dancer, professor and author

For Jacklyn Marceau, stripping at Club Vogue is just one extra role to tack onto her list of others: an English professor at Stephens College, mom, wife and author.

Missourians show off their Hunger Games survival skills

Game masters

Shooting arrows, climbing trees, body painting and swimming are just a few of the skills that keep characters alive in the Games. We’ve rounded up four individuals from Columbia and St. Louis who represent real life characters from The Hunger Games.

A Conversation With: Cletus Koehler

Driver’s ed teacher knows about life riding shotgun

Cletus Koehler has been in the driver’s education business for more than four decades and he says little has changed except that no one needs a paper map anymore.

A Conversation With: Valerie Duever

Mid-Missouri woman explores the secret life of beekeeping

Honorary queen of the hive Valerie Duever has been a beekeeper for about 14 years. But because beekeeping is central in Valerie’s life, people might be surprised to learn she is allergic to bees.

Veterans: Veterans Day tales of war and homecoming

Three Vietnam veterans from Columbia share their stories

These are the stories of three Vietnam veterans and their return home from an unpopular war.

Student makes film stills into painted squares

Artist creates minimalist-inspired show

MU Master of Fine Arts student Eric Norby currently spends at least 20 hours per week in his studio at Bingham Commons. He is organizing paintings for his upcoming show in the MSA/GPC Craft Studio.

Women pull the trigger in a new shooting league

Self-defense and recreation increase female gun use

A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League is a national organization that started its Columbia chapter in July. The organization educates women about firearm use in a social atmosphere.

See This: John Batdorf at the Phoenix Programs

Batdorf performs from his new album Soundtrax 2 Recovery

John Batdorf and his musical partner Michael McLean are performing at Phoenix because the attendees are their target demographic: people struggling with their addictions, who are looking for an encouraging voice to help them through it.

Columbia Pinball League takes this classic game to another level

Pinball Wizards practice their skills at Gunther's Games

“We just want people to come out and hang out with us no matter what skill level they’re at, play some pinball, meet new people and have fun."

MU's Pure Irish club performs Celtic tunes

The ensemble includes Irish flute, tin whistle, Celtic harp and button accordion

Katie Alexander has arrived at Shannon Kelly’s Anthony Street apartment for practice with the Pure Irish club at MU. The other band members include Dominic Chambers on the fiddle, Nick Daugherty on the guitar, ukulele and harmonica, and John Taaffe on the banjo and guitar.

Volunteer rates are rising for the younger generation

Millennials bring energy and enthusiasm to volunteer work

It’s true that millennials don’t volunteer as much as other generations, according to national numbers, but local observations suggest a change among this age group in previous years.

Watch: CoMo's Nightlife Guide trailer

From hipster hangouts to swanky spots, Vox has got the scoop

So many places, so little time. Columbia's downtown scene offers something for everyone whether you're looking for a dry martini or the cheapest beer on tap. Watch for the guide, on stands Sept. 26.

Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ: Half marathon and 10K

Roots 'N' Blues 'N' Runnin'

(Web Exclusive) The community came out to support half marathon and 10K runners as part of the Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ weekend on Saturday, Sept. 21. After the race, massages, foods and beers soothed aching joints.

Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ: Blues in the Schools

Vox's visual recap of Saturday's Blues in the Schools event.

(Web Exclusive)

Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ photo recap: Friday

Vox's visual report of Friday

A photo recap of Friday's Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ Festival, the first night at Stephens Lake Park.

Stovetop Music produces hip-hop beats

The production company is celebrating its fifth anniversary

The Stovetop team grew together through trails and hardship. A reminder covered in knobs, buttons and switches sits in the studio to get them going.

Two actors bring 18 characters to life in Tuna Does Vegas

Vegas, baby! Let's go to Arrow Rock

The cast of the stage production Tuna Does Vegas is not your average lineup. There are only two men, but a combination of costume changes, voice alterations and personality adaptations help them create an entire town’s worth of characters.