Columbia R&B artist Flexy bends but won't break

With a full-time class load in addition to working about 30 hours a week, MU student and local R&B artist Josh Teasley (better known as Flexy the Artist) says his music keeps him sane and moving forward.


Eat This: Ozark Mountain Biscuit Co.'s Chicken-Fried Biscuit

Food truck takes Southern fare to a new and mobile level

The crispy, salty and mouth-enveloping chicken biscuit certainly seems to be a little bit of everything off an Arkansas family dinner table, and Maness and fellow cook Patrick Wilson dish out Southern hospitality to match.

Inside Tracks with Kyle Cook

The co-owner of downtown's vinyl haven Hitt Records digs out a few of his favorite tunes

Grab your headphones. Vox has suggestions from one of the city's musical masterminds. When Kyle Cook isn't running Hitt Records, he's listening to these selections.

Bowfisher aims to educate about invasive fish species

The silver carp continues to populate Missouri waterways

When silver carp are startled by boat motors they can “leap from the water and injure boaters.” While it may be too late to stop the spread of the silver carp and other non-native Asian carp species in Missouri’s waterways, Guy Lanphere has another place where he’d like to introduce the fish: your plate.

The Fitting Room provides a unique space for the punk and folk scenes

The new venue in place of Hair Hole brings in a variety of local musicians

Located on the North side of town, The Fitting Room appears somewhat seedy in daylight. At night, though, the venue comes alive, averaging four shows a week since it opened in April.

Thip Thai restaurant brings a tasty side to Columbia

Chef Chompupong cooks authentic Thai dishes

Chompupong owns Thip Thai Cuisine downtown. Although it has only been open for about seven months, he says it has been successful.

Eat This: Bacon Jam

Now you can spread bacon on your toast

Broadway Diner’s owner and head chef, Dave Johnson, loves bacon as much as the next person. He even found a way to manipulate the delicacy into bacon jam, a sweet and savory spread.

Brewery brings craft beers to Columbia

Logboat Brewing Co. joins the microbrewery trend

Far from being a beer desert, Columbia is home to a few local breweries and has no trouble keeping up with the nationwide craft beer trend. But in early 2014, with the opening of Logboat Brewing Co., Columbians will have access to even more artisinal libations.

Friends mix beer and bikes

Late night rides become an adventure

A Six Pack Shuffle is a bike ride with six stops selected at random from among the proffered locations. A sign prohibits alcohol, but they sip their Pabst Blue Ribbon tallboys in the fading lights anyway.

The evolution of electronic music

Beats mixed by the computer weren't always part of the radio top 40

The 1950s invention of oscillators made electronic music possible. Unfortunately, vacuum tube computers don’t hold up well on the road. Transistors led to the art form’s takeoff in the 1970s, with the first take-home synthesizer most notably used on Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon.

Editor's Letter: Good food, good life

Special issue editor Dani Vanderboegh recounts how food has spiced up her life

Special issue editor Dani Vanderboegh recounts how food has spiced up her life

Cake decorating in CoMo

The Velvet Cupcake and U Knead Sweets bakers share tips on their specially designed desserts

Putting a tiered cake together is all about balance. McDonnell places the layers one on top of the other and holds them in place with wooden dowel rods, stakes that stick into the cake and support the weight of the tiers. A column cake, on the other hand, is separated by bakery pillars which are carefully placed by McDonnell. Once the tiers or columns are in place, the designing begins.

Vox Sessions: Andy Tellman

Andy Tellman performs in the Vox office

(Web Exclusive) Watch and listen to what happened when Andy Tellman came to our studio.

Mizzou wheelchair basketball player makes Team USA

Columbia native Carter Arey makes the men's national wheelchair basketball team

Mizzou wheelchair basketball all-around player Carter Arey made the men's Team USA after only three years of playing wheelchair basketball. He will head to Bogotá, Colombia, for the Americas Cup with the new traveling team in August.

Vox Sessions: The Faretheewells

The Faretheewells perform in the Vox office

(Web Exclusive) Just a few hours before their show at The Bridge, The Faretheewells played an intimate set in the Lee Hills' heavens (our office). Before heading back home to small-town Salem, Mo., The Faretheewells showcased their unique brand of Avett Brothers, Bob Dylan-influenced energetic folk rock in Columbia.

Behind the Scenes: 4 Skeevy Dudes

This skeevy Jefferson City band just wants to have a good time all the time

(Web Exclusive) Watch this exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the 4 Skeevy Dudes performance on July 5 at The Bridge.

Vox Sessions: The Hooten Hallers

The Hooten Hallers perform in the newsroom

(Web Exclusive) Enjoy a personal mini concert. For the first Vox session of the summer The Hooten Hallers came to the newsroom.

Jennie Graham-Henderson teaches Columbians to upcycle

Eco Chic Studio turns disposable materials into repurposed art

Eco Chic Studio, located in the Catacombs Gallery of Artlandish Gallery, opened on April 19. It offers open studio hours during which people can participate in upcycling projects, summer camps and classes that teach kids about upcycling and being resourceful and sustainable.

Vox Asks Columbians: What are you listening to?

Vox Asks Columbians: What's your best dance move?

Vox Sessions: Stepdaughter

Stepdaughter performs in the newsroom

Stepdaughter performs in the Vox office on May 2.