Columbia R&B artist Flexy bends but won't break

With a full-time class load in addition to working about 30 hours a week, MU student and local R&B artist Josh Teasley (better known as Flexy the Artist) says his music keeps him sane and moving forward.


Matters of Faith

Spiritual journeys lead to enlightenment and transformation

Spiritual journeys lead to enlightenment

Vox Sessions: Vulvette

(Web Exclusive) Steph Foley performs in the Vox office on April 24, 2013.

The Green exhibit explores the definition of "green"

Various artists show their green work at Columbia Art League

Artists and art enthusiasts gather to view the gallery opening for Green at Columbia Art League. Green is the final installment of the color exhibit series.

Vox Sessions: Neatly Knotted

Neatly Knotted performed "Warm Hands" in the Vox office

Ben Chlapek of Neatly Knotted performs in the Vox office on April 3, 2013.

Missouri Beer Festival

The Missouri Beer Festival was held on April 6. See the sights and hear music and brew masters discuss the festival.

A cross-country journey on historic Route 66

An MU photojournalism master's student recounts his trip from Rolla to Southern California through photos.

Stuart Palley decided to make his way home to Southern California via Route 66. Along the way, he took several photos and told the story of his journey through them.

Flux Bikes Performs at True/False

A band of brothers, Flux Bikes, makes music using bicycles.

A conversation with: Dan Sheehan

MU student shares how he masters comedy

Despite being a quiet individual, Dan Sheehan learned to command the stage and deliver entertainment. He is also the mastermind behind the @FakeBrotherJed Twitter account. Check out the YouTube video below and the Storify component at the bottom of the page.

The Guide: Scarves made simple

Vox's Guide to the perfect knot

(Web Exclusive) Avoid becoming a human icicle this winter by adding cozy neck adornments to the wardrobe. Stay warm, and look cooler than ever with these four scarf knots.

Against the Odds

From defying diagnoses to succeeding in the face of prejudice, from surviving refugee and war camps to winning the battle of the bulge, these people (and one dog) prove that the improbable is still possible. These stories show what determination, conviction and a bit of luck can accomplish.

An unconventional Nutcracker

The GreenHouse Theatre Project celebrates one year

The GreenHouse Theatre Project, which consists of two co-directors, Elizabeth Braaten Palmieri and Emily Adams, is preparing for its third production. Since December 2011, GreenHouse has undertaken two productions, A Christmas Carol and Macbeth.

Made in Columbia: Another Half-Eaten Sandwich

Local artist Christine Cover creates interesting cards

Cover, a 24-year-old MU graduate student, wanted to stay involved with art while taking education classes. She was inspired by a blog to start a postcard-making business. Cover was trying to pick a moniker, so she scrolled through a text conversation thread until she saw the phrase, “Another Half-Eaten Sandwich.”

Remembering Sharp End Neighborhood

Columbia's forgotten black neighborhood rekindles conversations about urban renewal

Along Third Street, now Providence Road, a little shack called Uncle B’s Ice House provided ice for the whole neighborhood. Jenny Taylor’s Tavern and Grill served hot dogs, hamburgers, fish sandwiches and soda pop in glass bottles. Only the churches and the historic-but-empty J.W. “Blind” Boone Home remain as they were. In 1954, the city began a systematic destruction of Sharp End in the name of urban renewal.

Columbia hosts its first antique market

Andrea Jones finds stories and lessons in antique items

As a child, Jones helped her mother at antique shows and went to farm auctions with her grandparents. Jones, 63, now brings her eye for the aged and authentic to gather pieces for her own collection. Her finds include furniture, glassware, etchings and centuries-old toys.

What Are You Listening To, Columbia?

Reporter Emily McNutt hits the streets to ask Columbians what they're listening to

Based off of the popular YouTube video, “Hey You! What Song are you Listening to?” by Ty Cullen, Vox took to the streets, and wondered the same question. Cullen’s video has reached more than two million views on YouTube and spawned countless spin-offs in cities and college campuses across the world. So Columbia, what song are you listening to?

Election 2012: A Vote For Vox

An at-a-glance look at Vox Magazine's election issue

(Web Exclusive) Want to be more informed about next week's election? Vox has got you covered on Boone County's third party candidates, how to throw an election-night party and which tunes have been favorites of presidential campaigns. Listen to editors make their case for why you should pick up the latest edition of Vox.

Columbia rebels with a cause

Three activists promote peace, pot and diversity

History is rife with examples of nonconformists who fought for political and social change. Three Columbians are trying to make local history by dedicating themselves to causes as diverse as their personalities.

Leandra Spangler makes art with ordinary objects

Local papermaking artist textures her creations with Legos, zippers and buttons

The silver mylar that lines potato chip bags, candy wrappers and the patterns inside security envelopes might be the perfect addition to Leandra Spangler’s latest collage. As an artist, she finds inspiration in the stuff most people throw away.

Make this: Artsy pumpkins without the mess

Four alteratives to carving your pumpkin for the Fall season

Pumpkin is the gourd we can’t get enough of, the squash we can’t quash. But carving is so been-there-done-that. Lace up your Martha Stewart apron because we’ve got some decorations to make. No knives or goo scrapers necessary.

Mid-Missouri's gun culture

A special look at people who love guns

(Web Exclusive) In this special package, Vox focuses on the people who love guns or have careers involving firearms. A different side of Columbia isn't represented here — those for stricter gun control laws.