Indie-rock band Clockwork crosses The Bridge

They might not have gelled hair or choreography, but watch out One Direction and 5 Seconds to Summer ­— Missouri’s got its own version of boy band.


The Fray's, Helios: Track-by-track review

A track-by-track review

(Web Exclusive) Denver’s chief purveyors of piano-based pop music stretch out a bit on their fourth release, Helios.

Dierks Bentley's 7 things

Country's bad boy reflects on his life during the making of his seventh studio album, Riser

Here are seven things you need to know about Bentley and his seventh studio album, Riser.

In the garage: Please Feed the Animals

The Columbia group gets grungy going back to basics

The grimy charm of the apartment mirrors the music produced within. Please Feed the Animals’ music is primal and stripped.

I Want Your Six: Willy Braun

Reckless Kelly's frontman answers our questions

Musician Willy Braun and his band of brothers (one bound by blood, the rest by music) steps up to the mic this Friday at The Blue Note. Find out his answers on everything from his dream collaboration to tour necessities.

Album review: The Jezabels The Brink

The Jezabels combine somber lyrics with toe-tapping tempos

We’ve all been sucked into the Top-40 songs about never getting back together, makin’ it rain and wrecking balls. So sometimes it can be hard to go outside of your musical comfort zone. But The Brink will get all you proud pop lovers singing about life as it really is, even the tough stuff.

Man Man returns returns

This band from Philly is back in Columbia after six years

Man Man is a band all about gatherings, especially joyful ones. On-the-fly covers, singers wearing dresses and endless encores are what make every show an unpredictable and exuberant experience. That experience is coming to Mojo's tonight.

Eclectic performers spice up jazz joint

Jazz, A Louisiana Kitchen has music on the menu

Get your music fix while satisfying your Cajun cravings at Jazz. If the food isn't spicy enough, the music definitely is.

Tattooed tracks

Song lyrics and titles are common tattoos seen in Columbia

Here are song lyrics and titles from Columbia's tattoo artists that they say have the ink-inclined locals among us rushing to the nearest parlor.

Behind the scenes at Columbia music venues

A glimpse into the daily routines of Missourians working at Roxy's, Mojo's and Whiskey Wild

As patrons, we walk into a music venue, get our dance and drink on, and then we leave. To debunk the stereotypes of gruff bouncer, nerdy technician and absent owner, Maura Hohman went to Roxy’s, Mojo’s and Whiskey Wild to attend concerts with someone behind the scenes.

One man caravan

The Wandering Madman

Fro, The Wandering Madman, travels the country sharing his music via live performances in his box truck and his website.

Arctic Monkeys sell out The Blue Note

The British band focuses on lyrics and vocals on its new album AM

The Arctic Monkeys created a tidal wave across the pond when it released its first album, Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, in 2006. Fast-forward to 2013, several songs off the band’s newest album, AM have spent months on the U.S. Billboard 200, and several venues on their American tour are sold out.

Grammy award-winning MU grad revamps album art for the digital age

Matt Taylor has worked with Thirty Seconds to Mars, My Chemical Romance and Red Hot Chili Peppers

Matt Taylor’s work is more than an image in a case. The box sets and special packaging that he creates are accompanied by keepsakes such as elaborate books, 7-inch colored vinyl records, masks, laser guns and zoetropes.

The Bottle Rockets have landed

Missouri natives return to their launch pad

The native Festus four-piece brings its alt-country rock back to Columbia in its 20th year.

Country star Thomas Rhett performs at the Blue Note

This country legacy never intended to become a musician

Thomas Rhett performed at The Blue Note during the summer and had a great show, so the venue pursued bringing him back when students were around

Chuck Inglish debuts solo work

Rapper takes new endeavor on tour

Inglish, a rapper from Detroit, is taking a break from his friend and The Cool Kids performing partner, Sir Michael Rocks, to pave his own way through the music scene.

See This: James Adams

Woodcrest's worship director cites Metallica as an influence

Don’t think Metallica and Christian music go together? Local musician James Adams has found a way to prove they can and mixes the two styles on his solo debut, Waiting Here.

See This: Iris DeMent

Folk singer's new album was years in the making

Iris DeMent’s personality is as unconfined as her music — her songs mix genres including folk-inspired country and gospel ballads to match her free-spirited character. She didn’t even anticipate the release of her upcoming album, Sing the Delta.

Turquoise Jeep raps with slang, comedy and fun

The YouTube-famous band brings its antics to Columbia

With millions of views on YouTube and slang-infused songs that are as provocative and authentic as the performers behind the mic, the artists who comprise the group live up to their mantra that “at the end of the day, life’s all about fun.”

Album review: Keller Williams with More Than a Little Funk

Funk combines old funk covers and four new songs

Every member of the band gets his or her fair share of the spotlight, but they all come together to do what a band’s meant to do — make one sound.

Nashville performing artist Nick Cross frequents Nash Vegas

Country singer visits Columbia to bring his southern sound

In 2011, Nick Cross moved to Nashville to pursue his dreams of playing music full time. Fast-forward two years, and Cross is playing 500 shows throughout the year and is well-known in Nashville.